Blissology Project 2018 Online Calendar

Welcome to the Blissology Project Online Calendar.

The Blissology Project is about making happiness a habit by committing to 6 Big easy Bliss Commitments for 2 weeks.

Join the fun! Share your thoughts, photos and progress with this epic community and let’s create an upward spiral together! “Happiness is Best when Shared!”

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for our local Blissology Teachers our Global Blissology Project event.

Click on the date below to see the what to expect for yoga, high prana food recipes, the wild card and social media event timings:

Mon Jan 22
Tue Jan 23
Wed Jan 24
Thur Jan 25
Fri Jan 26
Sat Jan 27
Sun Jan 28
Mon Jan 29
Tue Jan 30
Wed Jan 31
Thu Feb 1
Fri Feb 2
Sat Feb 3
Sun Feb 4

We’ll keep updating this calendar as we go so make sure to check in daily for a new dose of 6 Big Easy commitments.

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