200-HR Assistant

Assisting is at the heart of our 500 hr Teacher Certification Process. To truly grow as a teacher, assisting/apprenticing offers you incredible leadership and teaching experience, hands-on mentoring from Eoin and Certified Experienced Blissology Yoga Teachers; and an opportunity to support your fellow yogis on their transformational journey.

Blissology is committed to evolving the practice of Yoga with intelligence, safety, compassion, and an engaged + inspired global collective of yoga teachers.

We are looking for positive, enthusiastic people. People who are dedicated to sharing their passion for yoga, connection, and the Blissology mission of fearlessly bringing as much love out into the world in this lifetime!

The Blissology Assisting program is not just about sharing your passion but is also about owning the knowledge of what is required to teach Blissology Yoga. You will radically deepen your skills for presenting alignment, meditation, anatomy, and philosophy of deep human connection.

See what Khat and Bret, who assisted at the Bali YTT in 2020 have to say about the experience!

What can you expect when you assist?

  1. Understanding and putting into practice, current (and ever-evolving) techniques for presenting Blissology Somatic Movement Education Principles
  2. Teaching to Learn: Assisting with teaching the Blissology Movement Education principles, the philosophy of being a Conduit for Love, and the Blissology Teaching Methodology.  If you can explain this work to others you will become more clear in it yourself and really embody this knowledge.
  3. A chance to share your Life Mission and the calling of your heart to give back to others joyously
  4. The most rewarding month of your life! When we assist we give while receiving and teach while learning, inspiring our dharma or life purpose.
  5. Finally, while assisting/apprenticing, in a sense you are also auditing the course again, receiving the lessons and course content while at a new stage in your teaching practice. It is a great time to deepen your own practice and teaching skills.

Assisting a Blissology 200-hr training is a prerequisite for anyone on the path to becoming a Course facilitator and a 500-hr Blissologist Teacher.

Requirements:If you are interested in assisting at an upcoming training, please read the following selection criteria carefully. You should fall into one of the three categories below:

Category 1

  • Blissology 500-hour certification
  • at least 2 years of teaching experience

Category 2

  • completed the Advanced Alignment and Adjustments module
  • completed the Blissology 200-hour certification
  • complete at least 3 other Blissology advanced 300/500 modules

Category 3

  • If you still do not meet any of these criteria, you may still apply if you are a graduate of the Blissology 200-hr training.  We will consider your candidacy. Please provide information about your experience, why you are called to assist, and what you can offer.

*Accommodations, meals, and transport expenses are the Assistant’s responsibility.

Thank you so much for considering this amazing journey and being part of the Upward Spiral together.

Eoin + the Blissology Team.

Jen Eaton

What an honor it was to watch the magic of this training unfold from a slightly different perspective! To witness and to be a part of the journey, the transformations and the breakthroughs… connections on the deepest level, was pure bliss. I’m filled with love and gratitude remembering this time in Bali. Assisting a Blissology Yoga teacher training was a truly incredible experience. My heart, and my Blissology family doubled in size.