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Blissology Yoga is seeking a savvy and skilled workshops and training manager to support this established yet growing yoga business that creates in person, hybrid and online experiences that connect yoga, community and nature in inspiring, intelligent and transformative ways.

This position will suit you if you:

Are very organized and detail oriented yet can see the big picture.

Have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.

Are savvy with social media and marketing funnels.

Love the fields of wellness and health and aspire to a healthy lifestyle.

Love yoga and ideally practice yoga.

Read on for more about the scope of work for this exciting position. 

Blissology Workshop and Training Manager 


Training and Retreats Manager

Produce and grow the scope of Blissology Yoga School trainings and Retreats.

  • Manage trainings@blissology.com email
  • Help secure venues for programs 
  • Manage CRM software for inquiries and sign-ups (currently Monday.com)
  • File and keep track of payments on spreadsheets and CRM
  • Blissology.com: Ensure web pages with training information are accurate (online and in-person)
  • Help coordinate and book assistants/ mentors for each training (online and in-person)
  • Organize photographers and photos for training
  • Make sure certificates are created and sent to students
  • Setup and manage Google class 
  • Actively seek new bookings with studios.
    Liaise with Studios to arrange contracts.
    Arrange for Merchandise to be sold, particularly Yoga Optimized Books.
  • Work with Web designer to create marketing material on the website and social.
  • Notify Blissology accounting when payments come so we can keep track of accounts receivable. 
  • Enter email lists into the Blissology database and send follow-up emails to students post-workshop.
  • Ensure studios are promoting workshops ahead of time.
  • Follow up with payments.
  • Collect email lists and follow up emails with participants post-workshop.
  • Help manage travel/ visas.
  • Keep track of sign-ups for events and help set up a marketing calendar for events so social and web teams can promote. 
  • Post events to FB and insta pages. 
Marketing Funnels 
  • Set up sales channels using sample videos from courses 20 and 60-second clips. Use these as funnels.
  • Extract samples for books/manuals for courses and set them up as funnels to the sales page.
  • Use content from Yoga Optimized as funnels.
  • Possibly manage shooting new video content based on the book.
  • Keep a spreadsheet on Google Drive for Accounts Receivable and Payment plans.
Online training
  • Manage video file storage for Online Training ( Teachable and Momence signature courses and training).
  • Help set up Zoom Calls (when necessary).
  • Manage Google Classroom for students: Make sure calendars and schedules are accurate in teachable, PDFs, our internal iCal, and the blissology.com calendar. 
  • Help book villas for shooting new content and project managing with video editing. Help book film crew for shooting new material.
  • Bali In-Person Retreats and TrainingsArrange to have Posters and Postcards printed and distributed Post to relevant FB groups.
  • Yoga Alliance Certification for Online and In-Person courses: Submit a list of graduates to Yoga Alliance at the end of each training. Gather Google and Yoga Alliance testimonials from students. Store and manage Testimonials both on video and text.

This job description may change and expand depending on needs.

To apply, please send an email to info@blissology.com. In the subject line please note that you are applying for a job; and please attach your resume and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you and will reply as soon as we are able.

Namaste and peace,
Eoin and the Blissology Team

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