Blissology Project: Day 12 – Friday, February 2nd

This is Day 12 of our two weeks to Commit to Bliss. The Blissology Project will run from Monday, January 22nd until Sunday, February 4th 2018.

It is all about making happiness a habit and creating an Upward Spiral of positivity in our lives through the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments.

Can you believe it’s the end of the second week of the Blissology Project. We’ve infused ourselves with so much Bliss and Joy let’s carry this forward into the last few days!

Here’s a list of Blissology Teachers you can connect with or join our Global Blissology Project event on FB.

Today’s Bliss Commitments are:

Yoga poses to be included in today’s practices are:

  1. Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)
  2. Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III)
  3. Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana)

*Note: We realize these are some challenging poses! Do your best with where your practice is today. If you feel your balance and strength just aren’t there today then insert a pose or two that feel good in your body.

Bonus: Explore your body in new ways with this Full Body Opening and Peace Finding Flow with Blissologist Rhyanna Watson!

Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtags #blissologyproject + #blissarmy + #upwardspiral


Take a few minutes to relax and centre yourself with Blissologist Leanne Hembrow in her 6-minute Relaxation Meditation. Enjoy the Bliss Vibes!

Nature Appreciation

  • Browse the internet for pictures of the wonders of the world or current environmental issues. Bonus points if you visit one of these wonders or take action to help the environment.
  • Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #natureappreciation 

Food Awareness

Pineapple + Basil Cooler:

Full of digestive enzymes, pineapple in the warmer months detoxifies and cools the body off excess heat. The lime and cayenne also help to boost a sluggish liver.


1 pineapple, peeled, and cut into large chunks, discard the hard center.

8 fresh basil leaves

juice from 1 lime

Small pinch of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt

Small pinch of cayenne

Bit of raw honey if you need it.



  • Blend pineapple with tiny pinch of salt in a high speed blender.
  • Add basil leaves, lightly blend.
  • Drink at room temperature.  

Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #highpranafood


  • Gratitude requires humility, which the dictionary defines as being “modest and respectful.” Take some time to reflect on how you’re already a humble being and maybe aspects of your life where you could improve.

Wild Card

  • Tell a joke to someone. Really take some time to research and find the perfect one. Then deliver it with skill and flare!


Don’t forget to Share your experience with the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments in the Global Blissology Project event page.

“Happiness is Best when Shared.”

Have fun and enjoy the journey to awakening a deep joy within you!

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