Blissology Project: Day 13 – Saturday, February 3rd

This is Day 13 of our two weeks to Commit to Bliss. The Blissology Project will run from Monday, January 22nd until Sunday, February 4th 2018.

It is all about making happiness a habit and creating an Upward Spiral of positivity in our lives through the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments.

Don’t let the 13 sway you, this is a day full of all kinds of luck and blessings. You’ve almost made it to the end of the Blissology Project and you’re feeling embodied in the energy of the Upward Spiral. Let’s carry these good vibes forward today!

Here’s a list of Blissology Teachers you can connect with or join our Global Blissology Project event on FB.

Today’s Bliss Commitments are:

Yoga poses to be included in today’s practices are:

  1. Side Lunge (Skandasana)
  2. Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)
  3. Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

*Note: We realize these are some challenging poses! Do your best with where your practice is today. If you feel your flexibility and strength just aren’t there today then insert a pose or two that feel good in your body.

Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtags #blissologyproject + #blissarmy + #upwardspiral


Deepen into the groove of meditation with this 6-minute Meditation for People Who Don’t Meditate. Enjoy!

Nature Appreciation

  • Eat a meal outside today. Even if it’s cold go for a walk with a warm thermos of soup. If it’s warm where you live savour lying on the grass or beach with the sun beaming down on you while you munch.
  • Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #natureappreciation 

Food Awareness

Chia Pudding:

This is both breakfast and dessert all in one and it is delicious.

¼ cup chia seeds

½ cup hot water

1 to 1 1/2 cup almond milk (I prefer to use homemade almond milk) but otherwise try to find a creamy unsweetened almond milk

1 – 2 tsp raw honey or maple syrup

½ tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

½ tsp cardamom powder or cardamom seeds ground finely into a powder

1 tsp Coconut butter.

Optional: 1 tsp rose water


  1. Pour hot water over chia seeds and mix thoroughly.  Soak in the refrigerator for several hours or even overnight to make a thick gelatinous chia gel.
  2. In a bowl or in a blender, mix in all ingredients.  Blend lightly and taste.  Adjust for sweetness.
  3. To serve, garnish with some cardamom powder, rose petals and mint leaves, or any seasonal fruit.

Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #highpranafood


  • When you find yourself in a bad situation today do your best to take a few deep breaths before reacting. Ask yourself, “What can I learn?” When you look back at the situation without emotion later what will you be grateful for?

Wild Card

  • Cook a meal for a loved one. You could even make your favourite meal and share the experience of mindful eating together.


Don’t forget to Share your experience with the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments in the Global Blissology Project event page.

“Happiness is Best when Shared.”

Have fun and enjoy the journey to awakening a deep joy within you!

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