Advanced Alignment & Adjustments

June 28 – July 2, 2023 in Kelowna, BC

Bliss Army Certified Yoga Teacher 500 hour

Advanced Alignment and Adjustments is a powerful module that will make the difference in your yoga teaching. If you want to understand yoga alignment, deepen your practice and offer precise adjustments (verbally or with your hands) that are perfectly suited to the needs of individuals, this is the course for you.

This module is part of our 500Hr Training in Summer 2023.
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I love yoga and have some exciting knowledge to share from both my teachers and my years on the mat. Few things in life are as rewarding as helping others find the deep release in a skillful yoga assist—I want you to have these skills and to understand this unique approach to alignment and our lives. It is a joy to be able to teach and share with others how to make yoga safer and more enjoyable using a deep working knowledge of the principles behind the poses. It is an honor to serve others on their journey towards health, healing and fulfilling their life’s purpose. That is what this course is all about!

We will consider teachers or advanced students from all yoga schools but you must apply to make sure that you have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga alignment. For those of you on the Blissology 300 or 500-hour teaching track, this course has amazing return on investment. It will be a valuable step towards teaching signature Blissology Signature Courses like Blissology Yoga Foundations workshops; Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life courses and also becoming a Lead Assistant at Blissology YTTs!

Because of the detailed nature of this course, space is extremely limited to ensure the best quality training possible. It will only be offered once a year to a small group of individuals who are ready to go deep. We hope to see you there.

In order to maintain your RYT status on Yoga Alliance, you need to report at least 30 hours of training every three years. This course will give you 50 hours towards that.

Topics Include

  • To understand revolutionary Blissology Alignment Principles that make yoga more therapeutic and enjoyable; stable yet relaxed and elegant.
  • Apply these principles so you know deep but safe adjustments solidly.
  • Cue and adjust both basic poses and advanced inversions and backbends as well as off axis poses that combine multiple vectors.
  • To understand and embody the psychology of Blissology Yoga balancing the ego drive with the wisdom of our deepest hearts.
  • To see the importance of Somatic Awareness for you and your students.
  • To deeply learn the 5 Blissology steps for adjusting, assisting and integrating.
  • To understand the importance of the planes of movement in yoga asana and adjustments.
  • To learn the skills and art of touch and attunement.
  • Learn the Blissology Advanced series.
  • Establish a solid foundation for teaching signature Blissology Alignment courses.


Eoin expertly embedded all the technical information in a learning experience centered around energy flow and the importance of human connection.

“The Advanced Alignment + Adjustment training was transformational for both my teaching and my own personal practice. Eoin has created a beautiful and simple set of alignment principles that can translate to any posture. The Blissology principles using lines of opposite forces in the body were so intuitive once Eoin explained the system. Eoin expertly embedded all the technical information in a learning experience centered around energy flow and the importance of human connection. I will absolutely be back to learn more from Eoin and the extraordinary Blissology family.”
Beth Reikin
Stanford University