The Blissology Project™

Commit to these 5 Big Easy Bliss Commitments as a part of The Blissology Project™ to make positive thinking, health, and happiness a habit: Yoga, Meditation, Nature Appreciation, Food Awareness, Gratitude, and a Wild Card that changes every day.

A positive attitude can be cultivated when we practice simple habits that take relatively little time but have a powerful effect on your life, which is exactly what The Blissology Project™ is all about. In Blissology, we call these simple habits the Big Easy Bliss Commitments:

1) Yoga 2) Meditation 3) Nature Appreciation 4) Food Awareness 5) Gratitude   BONUS: Wild Card

Our aim is to make happiness a habit and to create an Upward Spiral™ for yourself and to others around you. After practicing these Bliss Commitments for two weeks or a month you will be amazed by how high your level of consciousness will be. We will profoundly free ourselves of negative thinking, our hearts will be open and we will fall even more deeply in love with life.

This will set up powerful attractor patterns so that more great things become manifest in our lives. We will leave a legacy of love and positivity.

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