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How to Find Peace in an Over-Stimulated World.

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How to find peace in an over stimulated world Do you agree that we are becoming more busy and scrambled with each passing year?

In our Commit to Bliss Course starting Nov 14 we have different Blissology Discussion topics

One of them is: “What is different about the world now then your parent’s generation?”

One obvious answer is that we are always on. We have so much stimulation, data and pressure to respond immediately to an overwhelming number of messages. This is what the Yogis called “Rajasic “ energy. In such an overwhelming, rajasic world, what happens to us if we don’t take the time to find peace?

Obviously, our minds suffer and our bodies can become sick.

You know that meditation is an important tool to counter this. But, as I pose in a question in this video, “how do you truly feel about mediation?” It’s like dieting. We do it because we HAVE TO but it’s not enjoyable. Many of us meditate because it’s something we have to do on our “spiritual to-do” list.

This is hard for me to watch because I feel like meditation is like a “breath massage.” I have found ways to make it enjoyable that I want to share. Have a listen – there are some important ideas here facing our modern era and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit

Let me know your thoughts

Find Peace, Everyone. Commit to Bliss.

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The Skill of Chill: Is your mind pulling you by the leash?

Dog and Boy walking - meditation analogy
Dog and Boy walking - meditation analogy

This is Cloud when Lion was walking him

Last winter our son, Lion took a friend’s dog 🐶 for a walk in Seattle.

The dog, named Cloud, outweighed Lion by about 40 pounds.

Lion loved walking the dog when a squirrel came running by, Cloud chased it. He soon discovered what it’s like to be WALKED BY A DOG rather than the other way around.

When I saw this, it hit me that this is what our emotions do to us. They are big dogs that we should be walking, but instead they are pulling us as they chase squirrels.

Our normal strategy for these out-of-control emotions is denial, ignoring, “stuffing down” or drowning them with distraction many times in the form of red wine.

What we call Chill is usually about unplugging. The yogis call this Tamas.

Most times we don’t realize it, but what we are actually unplugging from is a connection to our Inner Light.

Yoga teaches us that there is a different type of relaxation that is still connected to Light. It’s called Sattva.

It is a calm and peaceful state. It opens the door to the deepest essence of our being.

But finding Sattva in a busy, frenetic world is not easy. Culturally, we are focused on external circumstances like accumulating material things or winning over the approval of others. This makes Sattvic inner peace harder to find and we become like a dog walker getting pulled by the dog. Our minds are pulling us, and it feels like we have no control.

What I’ve learned is that there is a Skill to Chill.

This is what our Commit to Bliss course is all about Nov 14. By strengthening our tools of yoga, meditation, philosophy (perspective,) and embodied physiology, we can step outside of the prison of the mind. We can relax into our greatness.

In case you can’t do the course, my top tip for the SKILL OF CHILL is to focus on the FULLNESS of breath.

Breathing is easy but BREATHING FULLY IS A SKILL. To feel our ribs moving so we can breathe into our potential means that we need to find what is restricting the movement of our breathing muscles.

We breathe fully, we will make peace with thought loops that manifest as holding patterns in our bodies.

Luckily, when we can unblock these places, the breath becomes more enjoyable and we tame the squirrel-chasing dog of our minds.

You’ve got the leash, so guide your mind. 🐕

Breathe out your tightness, breathe into your lightness.

Chill is a Skill.


Goodbye Anxiety: Adrenal Draining in 6 Minutes

Adrenal Draining is a 6-minute technique based on Embodied Physiology and Eoin’s work with the ancient Chakra system. We spend a few minutes on our back experiencing a deep reset of our nervous system and self-regulating towards peace.

We will then do some luxurious supine yoga twists to unwind the body, let go of holding patterns and to restore calm in our belly.

We will breathe in expansively and breath out worries, fear and tension. If we don’t move these out of the body, we become tenser and interfere with our body’s natural immune responses.

This technique is one of many you will learn in our Commit to Bliss course ( – the goal of this yoga, meditation, philosophy and physiology course is to learn how to make Embodied Peace your SetPoint.

One question we explore in this groundbreaking course is, “what has changed in modern living compared to life 30 years ago?” When we think about it, our pace is accelerating, we are always on and available, we want everything in a hurry and we are multi-tasking more.

This leaves us scattered and drained.

This practice is about countering this “Rajasic,” fast-paced energy.

We recommend this practice anytime during the day when you need to reset or before bedtime.

Make Embodied Peace Your set point.
Drain Your adrenals.
Commit to Bliss!

Check out this next Commit to Bliss Course.



PASSION + PURPOSE: Behind the scenes look into the world of Blissology.

Dive into behind the scenes look into the world of Eoin, Insiya and all things Blissology.

Episode one takes us on a lively journey over the past two decades. Find out, why Insiya calls her husband a mad scientist. Hint, there’s a lot of journals, sketches and yoga involved. This conversation is fun and informative.

Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below and learn more about the Align Your Yoga Course starting this October!

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Anger Tricks Us.

Anger has power over us.

When we have anger towards something or someone, it tricks us.

It makes us think we’re performing some kind of voodoo ritual on somebody. When we are mad at them and they are feeling that. What I’ve learned is that we think that we think that anger gives us power over somebody. What we are doing is giving our power away.

The greatest gift we’ve been giving in our life is Love. It is the most beautiful frequency we can vibrate at. I’m always confused by the term, “Love your Enemy.” Because we all know these people in life that are very hard to love. Those people have done things to you that makes it very hard for you to love. I just wish we could rephrase that. You don’t have to love them, exactly. But what you want to do is not interfere with your frequency of Love that we are constantly emitting.

That’s giving your power away. We have been given this power to love deeply. We’ve been given this gift and with anger in our hearts what we ignore that. We diminish it. At the very least, if there’s a situation in your life that gives you anger, give it space. Come back to Love.

You don’t have to Love Your Enemy, just don’t hate them. Let go.

Superflow is Trending!

Like you, I had a bit of a rollercoaster day, careening from fear to disbelief, resilience and joy.

This was a nice email to receive from the folks at AloMoves – my new “Superflow Mobility” program is trending in their videos.

I’m stoked for two reasons.

1. it’s taken decades to develop into the movement art that I love the most. I’m so glad people are digging it.

2. More importantly, I know that so many people are stuck inside their house with so many thoughts stuck inside their heads. I’m happy to be of service to help share my medicine. I pray it helps bring us back to peace and move the needle back to LOVE.

By the way, I have all new content I’ve just filmed specifically for this time dropping this week on the Blissology Vimeo On Demand channel.

Hero Pose: Understanding the Blissology Principles

This is a sample video from our “Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life” Online Course and Eoin’s upcoming book.

Of course, this video makes more sense when you what the videos in the course sequentially but you still get some nuggets out of Hero pose.

This is the seventh video in the family of poses we call “Front Body Stretches,” but most schools call Backbends (we explain why in the course).

In Virasana (Hero Pose,) what we see is most people have the intention of getting the shoulders and hips on the floor at any cost. Therefore, they let the spine round (extension).

You will have to “de-prioritise” this external marker of success or nothing in the video will make sense. Let the feeling of the stretch be the guide.

Specifically, let the stretch be like a tug of war between the distal (the lower thighs bone) and proximal (the front upper pelvis) attachments of the long quadricep muscle (rectus femoris) and the hip flexors.

Our intention for this pose is a precise stretch of the quadriceps and hip flexors and the more we feel this stretch, the more “success” we have in Hero pose. To get the stretch in the places that we want you to feel it, don’t make a priority of getting the back and shoulders on the floor.

This means we have to educate ourselves about how to move the pelvis:

In earlier videos, we go through in detail where these muscles are as well as what muscles to engage to not just passively let the pelvis tilt forward on the “path of least resistance.”

To fill you in, it’s the lower two abdominals (rectus abdominus) which are the bottom two muscles of your “six pack” that lift the pelvis in the front.

We want you to press forward and up with the pelvis (and not just fall back passively into the stretch.).

As well, to really feel this pose as a front body stretch, we want you to shift the “pivot point” from the lower back to the knee.

On that note, if you do feel uncomfortable knee sensation back off. We spend a long time in this course explaining how to use the feet to protect the knees and in just one video without the whole course, we don’t want you to make knee injuries worse.

We start with half Virasana and progress from there.

Please share with people who love yoga and making their poses feel amazing.

Check out our Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life course online.

We are offering it at a 50% discount during this post COVID era where health has never been more important and money for many of us has never been more scarce.

You can do it as a self-guided study or interactive study with zoom calls with Eoin.


Love Transcends All Distance {meditation}

This “Love Transcends all Distance” meditation is my medicine in these anxious times. I am honored and excited to share. My hope is that is will help restore you to a space of calm and centeredness. Space where we can find the eye in the storm.

It is a somatic-based meditation where we bring deep and relaxing, “3 Dimensional” breath into the body to help regulate ourselves towards peace. You will feel your hormone and nervous system switch into the relaxation response. You will let go of fear and worry and reconnect to the light inside our hearts.

Ultimately, my hope is that you will feel that Love is an energy that is accessible to us even in the most challenging of times and it is the force that needs to guide us now more than ever.

You will feel that even though we may have a lot of physical distance between us these days, the Love Transcends All Distance.

We are offering this as a free service but we would graciously accept donations for our EcoKarma Project. If you’d like to donate you can do so here. All proceeds will help us create more blue oceans for the next generation.


Never Doubt that the World Needs your Gifts

Each one of us is our own gem; we have an offering to humanity that we were meant to bring out into the world, but we play small.

I’ve realized that there have been so many gifts in the past few months underneath all the fear and uncertainty.

If we want to create a new future, it starts by simply sitting down and breathing. Like you would reset your phone: let’s recharge our energy and connect back to the beautiful vibration of Love.

Love is the biggest gift we’ve been given in our life. When we share that love it comes back 1000 times stronger. Like a boomerang, it comes right back at us. So share what’s in your heart.

Let go of negative stories in your past and create the amazing future that we are all stepping into. The world needs your gifts. Let them shine today in the smallest of ways.

If you’re interested in these types of conversations you can sign up for our Commit to Bliss Online course happening this July!

Child’s Pose – The Power Of Community Podcast with Eoin

“In this episode, Michael talks to Eoin Finn a globally renowned yogi, surfer, and founder of Blissology, Eoin has played a huge part in the yoga world since the late 1980s and continues to bring a fresh perspective and inspiring energy wherever he goes. They discuss the importance of feeling deeply connected to the wellbeing of both body and mind and the power and support that comes from being a part of a community.

Rooted deeply in the therapeutic and transformative alignment and physiology of yoga, Eoin’s down to earth, modern insights on spirituality focus on the ideas of finding bliss and connecting with nature. He is a passionate ocean-activist and started the Blissology EcoKarma project in 2014 raising aid and awareness through yoga and activism for the world’s precious but imperiled coral reefs.”

Listen to the whole podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!