Blissology Yoga Foundations

Blissology Yoga Foundations

Do the YOGA that is right for YOU, using Blissology Alignment techniques that will empower and transform your practice and your attitude to YOGA forever.

We will explore not just how to use the muscles to line up the bones correctly in gravity but also we will also explore the breath, the subtle body and some juicy Blissology philosophy.

Some of the poses we do most often in yoga are also the most complex: upward dog, downward dog, and triangle. Fortunately, when we learn the details of these poses correctly, we can understand the underlying principles for so many other asanas.

We will explore not just how to use the muscles to line up the bones correctly in gravity but we will also explore the breath, the subtle body, and some essential Blissology philosophy.

This course is crucial for both beginner and intermediate students who want to develop an intelligent foundation for a safe, therapeutic, and fluid yoga practice.

in each of these three session progressively move into a vinyasa flow practice building on the knowledge of each of Eoin’s mind-blowing Asana Labs. To see the routine we end with, check out the bottom of this page

This course is now available to complete ONLINE as a self-guided module. The benefit of this self-guided module is that you can complete in your own time and at your own pace. By enrolling in this course, you will also gain exclusive access to our Yoga Foundations Blissology Global Facebook Page so that you can interact with students from all across the world to connect and stay inspired by one another.

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Session One

  • The Intention of this Yoga. Learning principles that can help you customize the yoga poses that are best for your unique body
  • Understanding Vinyasa Yoga + the effect of breath on the Nervous System
  • “Soft Ujjayi” breathing
  • Eoin’s Asana Labs:
  • Downward Dog + the Palm Arches
  • How to integrate the arms and protect shoulders + wrists
  • Uttanasna (Standing Back Body Stretch) – being guided by the sensation of stretch and not how far we bend forward
  • Upward Dog – protecting your spine and creating lift
  • Putting it together with breath in a Sun Salutation
  • Proper feet and hand position in Sun Salutations (game changer)
Asana Practice #1: Sun Salutations and Uttanasana Bliss

Session Two

  • The Blissology Principle of Dynamic Unifying Opposition (DUO)
  • The Blissology Principle of “Go-Arounds”
  • Eoin’s Asana Lab:
    Pyramid Pose: Placing the feet, moving the pelvis + more
    Revolved Triangle: How to create stability and a stretch that opens the side body but is safe on the spine
    Triangle: This is probably much different that most ways you’ve been taught. But it works and feels great!
    Sun Salutation Sea: Understanding and learning the flow
  • Quiz to test your learning
Asana Practice #2: Sun Salutations plus Triangle Matrix: Putting it together in a Flow

Session Three

  • Integrating the Knowledge: A Review of Session One.
  • Eoin’s Asana Lab:
    Side Angle Pose: How to move in 3 dimensions and not to just prop and flow into the pose
    Anajeyasana: Protecting the knee. Moving forward up and then back. Eccentric contractions + steering the pelvis
    Revolved Prayer Twist: How to protect the spine, how to stretch the side body and breath expansively
    Crow Pose: How to lose your fear. Gathering in and up, the 80/90/110 principle
    Paschimottanasana – Seated Back Body Stretch. Starting from the feet. The importance of pelvic movements. Spinal safety, uncovering your breathing body in this stable pose.
  • Quiz to test your learning
Asana Practice #3: Vinyasa Practice: Warrior Matrix in a flow.

Here is what you will practice by the end of this course! In each session, we work progressively towards giving you the tools and the knowledge for each pose in this flow.

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