Commit to Bliss

Embrace your inner Blissologist, amplify your yoga and meditation practices with both traditional and progressive techniques, letting go of old stories, and awakening the most joyous place in our hearts. This will open the door to a life of more purpose, more connection, and more love.

This course is available as a Self-Guided Journey, available anytime, and as an interactive course when scheduled.

Imagine living in a way such that happiness is at the core of your being, so you radiate that joy out into the lives of others.  This is what we call the Upward Spiral. Commit to Bliss is a transformative program designed to help you to create positive life shifts from the inside out, so that you learn how to live life with presence, joy, and purpose.

Through Blissology Yoga practices and insightful discussions, we will experience why quiet time in nature is the essential spiritual gateway. Learn how to read bodily feedback to release “issues from our tissues” and explore techniques to honor our body’s barometer for inner guidance and healing.

Some fluency with Hatha Yoga is recommended but not essential. You will expand your yoga practice no matter what level you are at. If meditation seems hard to you, it will be both easy and a total joy after this course. This program will deepen your connection to your Highest Vibrational Self and is a potent gift to your own life, to your personal relationships, your work and to the planet itself.  Be ready to feel inspired and channel Bliss.

Anna Atras

Two of the best yoga practices I ever experienced in my life happened today. When you are ecouraged to be creative, to dive into the deepest layers of your being, to breathe deeper and slower, to chant louder, to move freely, to enjoy it, to sigh, to shake, to be silly, to be nobody else but yourself… and then you hear words that just reach you so profoundly and you feel the heart swelling up and big chains around the chest break… Overwhelmed with what I felt and saw. Gracias, Blissology.


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