What Type of Yoga does Blissology Teach

Blissology is about creating a more authentic connection to our inner light, our communities and nature.

As for the style of yoga. Be sure to check out the two-week free trial to Blissology On Demand because we have three main styles of yoga asana:

1. Blissology Slow Flow
2. Vinyasa Flow
3. Superflow: Fluid Body

In our trainings, we focus on 1 and 2, slow flow and vinyasa flow.

Here is an example of vinyasa flow – this is part of the routine you will learn to teach in our Teacher Trainings:

And here is Superflow example:

We also have revolutionary alignment techniques that will help people transform their yoga practices so they can make the poses fit them instead of trying to fit into someone else’s pose.

Here is an example of some of our alignment:

Pigeon Pose

Chaturanga to Updog

We are also extremely focused on what I call embodied physiology to help regulate our bodies back to peace. You will learn meditation and some beautiful somatic breath techniques.

Here is a small example of what we call, adrenal draining:

Interesting in deepening your practice or teaching Yoga?

Check out our upcoming trainings and events.

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