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How we treat ourselves on the yoga mat is how we treat our loved ones, our community, nature and the cosmos. At Blissology we’re on a mission to live from a place of inspiration and truth and keep tuning into our bliss. If you’d like to connect more deeply to purpose and live in flow with the currents of life, you’ll find our retreats, workshops and trainings transformational.

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Midsummer bliss: The Blissology Summer Yoga Retreat

“Ditch your smart phones. Connect to your heart phones.” A Blissology Midsummer Yoga Retreat in the heart of nature on Salt Spring Island, BC with Eoin + Insiya. This will be a journey of transformation, community and bliss. Join us!

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Daily Practices

Join Eoin for livestream and on demand classes on Blissology On Demand, our Om Home; and check his schedule for local classes in Victoria, BC and Bali. Remember, Yoga is called a practice for a reason. Tune in!


A Deeper Dive

Thirsting for deeper knowledge and for a way to really live it? Choose a self-guided course in philosophy, alignment, ayurveda or embodied physiology to radically increase your mind body bliss.


Teach the Techniques

You want to share that embodied, blissful feeling you’ve experienced at a Blissology practice. At our immersive trainings we find our deepest calling and share our bliss with confidence and kindness.


Relish, restore and renew

We’ve been hosting retreats since 2000 in locales ranging from Costa Rica, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and India. Join us this August on Salt Spring Island, BC and let’s immerse together in nature. We all need it.


Yoga Optimized is available for presales.

This book will not simply transform your yoga practice, it will tune you into the miracle of breath, life and using the principles of yoga + biomechanics to live blissfully. We can’t wait to get this book into your hands!


200 Hour Yoga
Teacher Training

with Yoga Alliance certification

Study from the comfort of your own home, gain real skills and tune into your life purpose with the wisdom of Blissology:Yoga that connects ancient wisdom to our modern lives.


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Yoga Honey: A 75-min Blissology Yoga Class by our Graduates
Blissology 101 | Blissology Team | Yoga

Yoga Honey: A 75-min Blissology Yoga Class by our Graduates

“Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share” This is one of our main mantras in Blissology. After 3 rigorous weeks of learning philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology, these students wore their hearts on their sleeves in this class, which they executed masterfully. Enjoy this routine. You can download the PDF of the yoga honey below.

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