Anger Tricks Us.

Anger has power over us.

When we have anger towards something or someone, it tricks us.

It makes us think we’re performing some kind of voodoo ritual on somebody. When we are mad at them and they are feeling that. What I’ve learned is that we think that we think that anger gives us power over somebody. What we are doing is giving our power away.

The greatest gift we’ve been giving in our life is Love. It is the most beautiful frequency we can vibrate at. I’m always confused by the term, “Love your Enemy.” Because we all know these people in life that are very hard to love. Those people have done things to you that makes it very hard for you to love. I just wish we could rephrase that. You don’t have to love them, exactly. But what you want to do is not interfere with your frequency of Love that we are constantly emitting.

That’s giving your power away. We have been given this power to love deeply. We’ve been given this gift and with anger in our hearts what we ignore that. We diminish it. At the very least, if there’s a situation in your life that gives you anger, give it space. Come back to Love.

You don’t have to Love Your Enemy, just don’t hate them. Let go.

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