with Insiya

Learn how to use the art of Ayurveda to find sustainable health, true harmony and integration in your life in our modern age of stimulation, speed and disconnection.

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This course will help you to 

  1. Understand yourself truly, so you can make choices to help optimize your wellness; and work with your patterns to create balance where there may be imbalances.
  2. Create daily rituals that are mapped according to your biorhythms so you can live more in flow with life.
  3. Learn how to eat for your constitutional type.
  4. Work with your emotions.
  5. Feel at ease in your Self.

Who this course is for?

  • For anyone who wants to feel empowered in their own wellness journey.
  • For yoga teachers and students who want to understand more about the yogic lifestyle.
  • To gain insights into your true nature.
  • To regain balance, ease, purpose, and presence in your life.
  • To live in harmony with cosmic intelligence so you can fulfil your life path.

Important “need to knows” for this course.

  1.  When will the course content be available? 
    The content for Urban Ayurveda is up! You can access it right after you sign up.
  2.  How much time should I expect to spend on this course? 
    This self-guided course can be completed in 3-5 hours. Feel free to do this within one sitting, over a weekend, or stretch out over time. The benefit of a self-guided course is that you can make it work around your schedule!
  3.  How long will I have access to this course content? 
    You will have unlimited access to this content for at least one year. Enjoy this benefit and feel free to revisit this module whenever you need it.
  4.  Do I get Yoga Alliance CEUs for taking this course? 
    Yes, you do. Email trainings@blissology.com to learn how to get your CEUs.


Session One: Ayurveda, Why we are here?

Session Two: MY Dosha Made me Do it!

Session Three: Insiya’s Daily Rituals for Vitality

Session 4: Balancing The Doshas Through Food

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