Somatics + Creative Sequencing

Blissology somatics and creative sequencing

This specific module hones in on the power to use your own body to master the intuitive nature of somatic cueing so that your students relate to feeling into postures.

Next Somatics & Creative Sequencing training is happening in Bali in February 2022. View our events calendar for the latest details or Inquire about this course to learn more.

Go deep in this training as it builds on the foundation of a 200-hr training and explores the path to becoming a 500-hr certified teacher, meant for new or seasoned teachers looking to learn the subtleties about the power of somatic cueing and creative sequencing.

Learn to create cues from language that is original, trustworthy, accessible and bona fide. Somatics is important because it allows us to access present, calm and grounded awareness through movement; it allows us to be come better healers and creates an incredible feeling of peace when we are more somatically aware.

A yoga class is basically a choreography and certain movements go together and some don’t. As yoga instructors we are trying to create physical and psychological benefits of our classes and one of the most important parts is intelligent sequencing—we want to make both the art and science of sequences that feel incredible in the body, mind and hearts of our students. We want to show you the underlying patterns that will bring your classes to the next level.

Goals of the course:

1. Create an Embodied Experience.

Embodiment means that we are aware of the sensations in our bodies and not just living cerebrally from the neck up. This awareness of sensation within the body is the key for presence, mindfulness and a heightened level of intimacy with life. The embodied (or somatic) experience of yoga allows us to feel it from the inside out. It is the essence of the flow state. By learning the skills of embodiment we become more creative and allow the wisdom of our innermost heart to flow.

Yoga classes taught by people who have not only mastered the technical side of yoga asana but who can awaken a sensual awareness inside their students put us into a spell of bliss; we feel like we are conduits for something beautiful—our yoga is not robotic, it’s poetic.

We want you to gain these skills through this course so practitioners in your classes will move less mechanically, achieve postures easier and instead make the practice an elegant expression of our subtle energy. Our Blissology Mantra is “Don’t just do yoga but feel yoga!”

2. Create moving experiences through language!

We want to give you solid tools to create an emotive experience for yourself and your students. Anyone can learn the technique of playing the musicals scales but few can write music that truly moves people. In the same way, there is an art and a science of yoga. The Blissology 200-hour program is set up to give you a rock solid foundation in yoga alignment but this intensive is about really creating moments of deep expression that awaken the simple yet profound dimension of life. When you can switch from primarily using technical cues and add just the right amount of creative imagery, it will allow your students to access an infinitely deeper experience of yoga.

3. Be able to create incredible sequences!

You will learn the intricacies of how yoga poses go together to make a fluid and enjoyable journey of bliss. There are some basic patterns underlying sequencing that will make huge differences in the feeling of your classes. You will learn both fun and exciting Blissology yoga sequences that we have created over the years. You will also be able to sequence your own classes in a way that is safe yet fun and challenging.

In order to maintain your RYT status on Yoga Alliance, you need to report at least 30 hours of training every three years. This course will give you 75 hours towards that.

Topics Include

  • Study of Somatics
  • Teach by feel, sensation and intuition
  • Unlock your way of being and take the seat of a teacher
  • Authenticity
  • Sequence by Anatomy, Shape and Intuition

Cindy Aiello

Learning how to relate yoga sequences like a track on an album changed everything for me, it lit up the way I teach. It inspired me to play more and journal more, which resulted in elevating my teaching.