Blissology Project: Day 8 – Monday, January 29th

This is Day 8 of our two weeks to Commit to Bliss. The Blissology Project will run from Monday, January 22nd until Sunday, February 4th 2018.

It is all about making happiness a habit and creating an Upward Spiral of positivity in our lives through the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments.

It’s the beginning of a new week of Bliss Commitments. Let’s carry the energy of the previous week forward to make this the best Monday ever!

Here’s a list of Blissology Teachers you can connect with or join our Global Blissology Project event on FB.

Today’s Bliss Commitments are:

Yoga poses to be included in today’s practices are:

  1. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
  2. Camel (Ustrasana)
  3. King Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

*Note: We realize these are some challenging poses! Do your best with where your practice is today. If you can’t do King Pigeon then insert a pose of your choice that feels good in your body.

Bonus: Awaken a deep Joy inside of you with Blissologist Donna Williams in her Commit to Bliss Day 8 practice.

Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtags #blissologyproject + #blissarmy + #upwardspiral


Take your mindfulness game to the next level with this Toilet Meditation with Blissologist Shelly Prosko!

Nature Appreciation

  • Find a quiet spot out in nature and place your bare feet upon the earth. Stand in a Horse Stance position with your feet wide and knees bent. Close your eyes and connect to your inhales and exhales as if the breath stems from your hands. Allow your fingers to be soft as you guide them around the body in fluid movements that feel good to you.
  • Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #natureappreciation 

Food Awareness

Happy Belly Green Smoothie:

It’s a little more complex than most other smoothies I make but it is full of good fats, vitamins and deliciously healing for your gut.


1 cup very full fresh spinach

1 banana

1/2″ fresh ginger

1 scoop @praninorganic A to Z or Vitamineral Green or a similar organic greens powder,

1 tsp of chia soaked in unsweetened vanilla almond milk or water instead (soak for at least 5 mins),

pinch of sea salt,

1 cup coconut water.

1/2 tsp of slippery elm powder (to keep the gut lining smooth)

1 tsp flax oil.


  • Blend until smooth, top w edible garden flowers and sip slowly!  You can also add some granola on top and make this a filling meal.
  • Don’t forget to share any photos on social media using hashtag #blissologyproject + #highpranafood


  • Create a Gratitude Game. Throughout your day notice things you’re grateful for that you’ve never noticed before. Maybe it’s the way one of your co-workers greets you at work everyday. Or the way the morning light enters your room. Get creative!

Wild Card

  • Facebook Live with Eoin: How to find your Life Mission.  
  • Proclaim your Life Mission! In one simple sentence define how you want to serve the world and what your reason for living is.  


Don’t forget to Share your experience with the 6 Big Easy Bliss Commitments in the Global Blissology Project event page.

“Happiness is Best when Shared.”

Have fun and enjoy the journey to awakening a deep joy within you!

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