lign Your Yoga, Align Your Life

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life is designed to give you a solid foundation into innovative and revolutionary Blissology Yoga Alignment Principles.

This course is available as a Self-Guided Journey, available anytime, and as an interactive course when scheduled.

We have broken down the underlying patterns of alignment so yogis can understand the principles and purpose of alignment. We can then customize the poses to suit our own individual bodies to create a pose that is therapeutic, light yet stable.

The Blissology Alignment principles you will learn in this course extend far beyond yoga postures. They will help your body function at its optimal level on and off the mat now and for years to come. Your yoga practice will be more joyous and sustainable and you will experience tangible improvements in your mental, physical and emotional health.

We will also explore the energy body and the power of authentic human connection that gives our lives pleasure and purpose. Join us in a transformational and paradigm-shifting journey into maximum well-being in this five session Blissology Signature Course.

Session 1: Introduction to Blissology Alignment Principles

The goals of Alignment in Blissology Yoga. How stability to promotes relaxation. Key Patterns of Blissology Yoga. Breaking down the arches. Understanding the Pelvis. What D.U.O. means. Integrated arms. Integrated torso. Toes before Bows before Pose. Re-envisioning the Core. Using “Suspenders.” Tensegrity. The importance of the Yin force. The Wise Guide Inside. What a ‘Go Around’ Means.

Session 2: Core Line Family of Poses

We’ll be learning about the building blocks—Foot Arches , Palm Arches, and Tree Hugger Torso—and dive deep into the core line poses like Tadasana, Plank, Chaturanga, and Handstand.

Session 3: Back Body Stretches: Disc Safety during forward folds.

The importance of foot arches. Unique strategies for Yin and Yang Body types for blackbody stretching. The integrated leg. Refine the Bandhas: Using the heels and diaphragm for elongation. Isolating the stretch. Moving from the pelvis with an elongated spine. The Manipura Loop.

Letting it all go: An exploration of the connection between love and relaxation.

Session 4: Sustainable Backbends aka Front Body Stretches

What a Front Body Stretch really means. Yin and Yang Body Types. Strategies to disperse the load on joints vs concentrating them. Putting on a good front; how to use the abdominals. The importance of the arches for back-bending. Tension and Compression. Pelvic Integration. Foot Arches – the Sole and Sprinter’s Arch. Diaphragmatic DUO. Fixing the distal places and moving the proximal. From Dumping to Jumping; how to decompress the spine.

Session 5: Lateral Side Body stretches aka Hip Opening and Twists:

Exploring the Side Body. The Mambo Hip. The Happy Sacrum. Shoulder Blade integration. Maintaining the Manipura Loop. The importance of the Sushumna Channel. Diagrammatic DUO. Indispensable tips for Knee Safety. Rethinking squaring the hips. Rethinking the purpose of the hands in twists. The importance of foot arches for sustainable poses.

Session 6: The Medial Side Body: Pelvic Movements that isolate the stretch.

Unique Lines of D.U.O. of Medial Side Body Stretches. The importance of integrated legs. Understanding the 3 planes of movement for a mind-blowing Rethinking the anchor points. The role of the obliques. Staying suspended from our most upward fibers.

All 6 sessions consist of theory and vinyasa flow practice.
Your yoga and your life will never be the same. We can’t wait to share this course with you!

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Take this course anytime as a self-guided journey 


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