Conduit For Love

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Conduit for Love Blissology Signature Course

“What is Love?” is the third most googled question in the world. In this course, we will answer this question, plus give you skills to bring as much love as possible fearlessly into the world.

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This course will help you to 

  1. Ground yourself in the practice of embodied peace, so that you can answer the call of your heart’s deepest message and become Conduits for Love. 
  2. Find the answer to the question “What is Love?”
  3. Gain the skills to bring as much love as possible fearlessly into the world.
  4. Remove blocks from your heart, plus know when to create boundaries so that you do not absorb the energy of others
  5. Fill up and respect your own tank first so that you can prevent yourself from becoming drained through compassion fatigue

Love is the biggest gift that we can offer to the universe and to our lives. Yet we seem to fear it as a culture. Our education systems do not focus on this topic and we seem to be content to play small when it comes to loving each other. 

All the while, as we live in this dream of busyness, there are three words that the universe is whispering to us at all times: “Love More Now”. If you are ready to step into your full power, Conduit For Love is about answering that call. 

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to deepen their yoga and meditation and learn how to use these tools to live a more peaceful and purposeful life. Great for yoga students and teachers alike.

Important “need to knows” for this course.

  1. How much time should I expect to spend on this course? 
    35 hours in total. We suggest aiming to complete this over 3 weeks. This course consists of lectures on philosophy, psychology and physiology, journalling and yoga and meditation practice.
  2. What should I expect to learn from this course? 
    You will learn how to make meditation and yoga an accessible and practical daily habit, but more importantly, you will gain the wisdom to make embodied peace your set point, self-regulating your own physiology and psychology to shift limited concepts of yourself and help you to grow. This is a continuation of Commit to Bliss Part 1. In this module, we offer more tools to ground you in the practice of embodied peace so that you can become a Conduit of Love.
  3. Does this course count towards Yoga Alliance CEUs. 
    Yes. You will receive 35 CEUs if you are a current, registered YA teacher. You may also use this course towards our 200 hr Yoga Alliance Online YTT.
  4. How long will I have access to this course content? 
    You will have unlimited access to this content and it will not expire. Enjoy this benefit and feel free to revisit this module whenever you need it.

Other Need to Knows:

  • This course is led/ interactive, check our events page for upcoming dates.
  • This course is a continuation of Commit to Bliss, Part 1
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