Online 100 & 200 Hr
Yoga Teacher Training

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There is no doubt that airfares are becoming more expensive. 
We want you to be smart about your finances
We want you to take care of your root chakra as we perfect our skills of giving from our hearts.

We are proud to say that we have succeeded in providing a course
that is on par with the quality of in-person training, but without the travel expenses.
At the same time, we build an amazing community of friends that you will have for life in this course.

Connection is our currency.

Online 100 & 200Hr Training Bliss Kit

Everything you need to know about Blissology Online 200 Hour Teacher Training.

Benefits of Online Training

  • Get a front-row seat to each demonstration + lecture.
  • Rewind and review for maximum absorption of the knowledge.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the content. You can always return to a lecture or course!!!
  • Take quizzes after almost every session to ensure maximum learning has taken place
  • Receive downloadable and printable written materials to guide and enhance your online learning
  • Join an incredible community of Blissologists from around the world. You will leave this training with soul friends

200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • Counts toward 200 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT Certification
    to up-level your teaching like nothing else & to get certified
    Align Your Yoga 1 + 2, Commit to Bliss + Conduit for Love, Teaching Methodology 1 + 2
    where you will have a front-row seat to
    each lecture as well as written lecture notes
    to embody & implement what you’ll learn
    To deepen your knowledge



How The Modules Work

We have loved offering the training in a modular format, so you can absorb the teachings at your own pace. If you are keen to complete your entire 200 hrs this year, that is a popular option, but the beauty of the flexible online format also allows you to complete the training over the next year, should you need more time. 

Radically deepen your practice and experience this life-changing journey with us.

Both programmes are sequential and must be completed successfully in order to register as a 200 HR Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Important need to knows:

Online training is an incredible way for you to uplevel your yoga practice and teaching, no matter where you are. We share Blissology wisd

To ensure you comprehend and understand all important information in each of these 3 courses, there will be homework assignments (written & video submissions) & quizzes to support your learning and ensure you meet all Blissology & Yoga Alliance requirements. Throughout this process, you will have support from Blissology Teachers as well as Mentors who will provide you with feedback to further your development. 


Modules 1-3 = the 100 Hour Certification

Module 1


  • Philosophy made relevant for the modern era.
  • Meditation made easy and enjoyable.
  • Progressive breathing techniques that move the body and mind towards calm.
  • Embodied Physiology to help self-regulate toward embodied peace
  • Deep understanding of the purpose and mechanism of respiration.
  • Understanding the inner workings of the nervous system.
  • Understanding the Nature of Consciousness from a yogic and scientific perspective.
  • The Gunas; the yogic “energy map” made relevant to modern living.
  • Understanding how energy works and how to manage it.
  • Getting clear on our Life’s Purpose.
  • Connection is our Currency: Understanding the Importance of Community.
Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Blissology
Module 2


  • Making yoga a feeling and not just a shape
  • Learning deep anatomy from an embodied experience.
  • “Body Architecture” – learning how to distribute the forces of tension-compression in the body for the health of your joints.
  • Rewiring your nervous system for more mind-muscle connection.
  • The art and science of finding more “grounded spaciousness” and “floating suspension” in poses and life.
  • You will get more precise and safe stretching and strengthening benefits from the poses.
  • Making yoga more therapeutic.
  • A deep understanding of the benefits of each pose.
  • A user’s guide to gravity: understanding movement principles that apply to bodies off of the yoga mat.
  • Balancing the Yin (Mobility) and Yang (Stability) forces in the body.
  • Getting rid of the “one size fits all” approach to alignment. Making the yoga poses fit us, instead of us fitting the pose.
Blissology Teaching Methodology Module
Module 3


  • Learn the Art of Vinyasa Sequencing: what makes a class feel good to our bodies, minds, and hearts.
  • Understanding peak poses and building sequences around them.
  • How to teach to different levels – we call it “All Levels, All Good.”
  • Dealing with injuries. 
  • Rhythm and timing: No matter how good your sequencing is, it never feels incredible until you get the timing down.  This is essential at the 101 level to get a firm grasp on this aspect of teaching.
  • Demoing: understanding how to share the poses so students can visually learn.
  • Intelligent cueing based on DUO lines of tension.
  • Teaching with feeling. You will clearly and fearlessly lead people towards the feelings you want them to experience in the sequences you share.
  • How to cue different types of breathing patterns for different types of poses/ sequences
  • In the 100 modules, you will learn to teach a 35-minute Yoga Honey class.
  • “Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share” – learning to increase your confidence so that you can fearlessly share your heart’s deepest message and release from the fear of negative judgment by others.

Modules 1-3 and 4-6 = the 200 Hour Certification

Conduit for Love Blissology Signature Course
Module 4


“What is Love?” is the third most googled question in the world. In this course, we will answer this question, plus give you skills to bring as much love as possible fearlessly into the world.
In this module, you will learn how to remove blocks from your heart, plus know when to create boundaries so that you do not absorb the energy of others. We will explore strategies so that you can learn to fill up and respect your tank first so that you can prevent yourself from becoming drained through compassion fatigue. 
Love is the biggest gift that we can offer to the universe and to our lives. Yet we seem to fear it as a culture. Our education systems do not focus on this topic and we seem to be content to play small when it comes to loving each other. All the while, as we live in this dream of busyness, there are three words that the universe is whispering to us at all times: “Love More Now”.
If you are ready to step into your full power, Conduit For Love is about answering that call. 

When we are grounded in the practice of embodied peace, we can answer the call of our heart’s deepest message and become Conduits for Love. 

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Blissology
Module 5


This course is all about teaching students about somatic movement.

This course will teach you how to implement Blissology’s lines of D.U.O (Dynamic Unifying Opposition) to balance the forces of tension and compression so that you get the most stretch in the safest way possible for you and your joints. This work is an extension of Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Part 1 where we will further expand your knowledge of poses so that you get a deeper understanding of yoga asanas, taking into consideration both cerebral knowledge and kinesthetic intelligence. At the end of this course, you will walk away with powerful knowledge about somatic movement and can practice “Somatic Self-Adjustments” so that you get the most out of your own practice and own your body.

Blissology Teaching Methodology Module
Module 6

(PART 2)

In this course, you will continue to learn to teach with feeling and with clarity, focussing on the second half of Blissology’s Yoga Honey Routine. 

You will learn to rethink how and why yoga is taught so that you are not just reciting stale cues that do not fully capture the full potential of the asanas. We will up-level your ability to empower students to build the most beneficial poses for their unique needs and bodies. As a result, you will become crystal clear on the tools to help transfer knowledge in a way that students can understand and build yoga poses up from the inside out. 

Think you can’t build community online? It’s our specialty.

On one of our zoom calls, she shared how special our training was; not just for the knowledge, but for the connection…

This is Maura from Texas
who did our 100-hour Blissology Online Training