A 4-minute Meditation to Stay Clear in Stressful Times

“No one becomes smarter under stress,” says Charles Morgan, a forensic psychiatrist at the University of New Haven CT. “The question really is who becomes dumb faster!”

A lot of what he’s talking about in relation to first responders and military, but it’s still true in our everyday life.

Especially in this COVID Era where there seem to be even more reasons to be stressed.

I would love to tell you that “the Universe Has Your Back” and share with all kinds of New Age meditations that tell us we can just manifest whatever we want. I believe manifesting and visioning is important, no doubt.

However, there’s another side to this: It is called getting clear even when the world seems like it’s conspiring against you. In these post COVID times, I have been full of fear of ill health and bankruptcy. I have to believe that the universe has my back, but I have to get smart under my mounting stress and not dumber.

If you take the phrase, “The Universe Has Your Back” and shorten it to just the letter “U” instead of Universe it becomes “U Have Your Back!”

That’s what we’re doing here in this meditation. We are taking just over 4 minutes of our time to release from the fog of stress and keep our head and body clear.

I’ll see you on a cushion and we will have a beautiful micro-dose of meditation goodness, Blissology style.

In these challenging times, this is a donation-based meditation. You can make a donation to our Blissology Eco Karma Foundation via PayPal.

Share with anyone who needs this. Stay safe. Stay Smart.

U and the Universe have your back!

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