Superflow is Trending!

Like you, I had a bit of a rollercoaster day, careening from fear to disbelief, resilience and joy.

This was a nice email to receive from the folks at AloMoves – my new “Superflow Mobility” program is trending in their videos.

I’m stoked for two reasons.

1. it’s taken decades to develop into the movement art that I love the most. I’m so glad people are digging it.

2. More importantly, I know that so many people are stuck inside their house with so many thoughts stuck inside their heads. I’m happy to be of service to help share my medicine. I pray it helps bring us back to peace and move the needle back to LOVE.

By the way, I have all new content I’ve just filmed specifically for this time dropping this week on the Blissology Vimeo On Demand channel.

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