empower yourself to create yoga poses that fit you rather than you having to fit the pose.

Do you want to learn how to practice yoga in a way that heals your body+mind from the inside out? Join Blissology founder Eoin Finn’s Yoga Optimized course…

Customize your Yoga

You are a unique human. Shouldn’t your yoga honour the unique needs of your body and offer expression and healing and longevity?

Function Optimally

Learn how to interpret sensations and guide the bio-mechanical forces that go through your body so you can be pain free now and well into old age

Transform your Yoga

Eoin Finn has evolved revolutionary principles that will forever change how you practice yoga and how you live your life. This is not just a course, it’s a movement.

To optimize = To make as effective and functional as possible.

Check out the video below for a special passion and process conversation with Eoin Finn and Insiya Rasiwala-Finn to learn more about the WHY behind Yoga Optimized!

In Eoin’s words:

“Yoga is a spiritual pursuit; however, to practice yoga asana, we make sophisticated shapes in gravity. If we are not educated and follow a broad brushstroke one-size-fits-all approach to the physical yoga practice, the chances of injury increase, and the benefits of the practice decrease.”

What you will learn at a Yoga Optimized Course: One Weekend to shift your practice and life.

Catch the first Yoga Optimized Workshop of 2024

One weekend to shift your practice and habits.
January 26 – 28, 2024.
Ma Yoga + Wellness in Victoria, BC.


Find Yoga Optimized near YOU.

Bali, Vancouver, Victoria, San Diego and London, England. Where should we bring Yoga Optimized to next? Reach out and tell us.

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And finally, we have to tell you about the book!!!

Decades long in the making,

this over 300 page color, hardcover book with original text and illustrations by Eoin Finn had a successful kickstarter prelaunch in July 2023. The book is a lifelong companion to the course. You can learn more and buy the first edition of the book here.


Why we loveYoga Optimized…

If you want to have a PhD of how to understand your body and longevity in terms of using your body effectively without injury, you’ve got to take this course, it is amazing!
Heidi bassett
blissology YTT Graduate, Yoga Optimized Course Participant.