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About The Book

Yoga Optimized will break down old ways of practicing yoga postures and move us from a “one size yoga fits all” to a more attuned, embodied, and intelligent way to practice.

Why try to fit into a yoga box when you can optimize your practice with Finn?

With detailed anatomy, physiology, and biomechanical insights; and original illustrations and images, this book offers both newbies and experienced practitioners a hands-on guide to living with grace and strength under the force of gravity.

The book is rooted in ancient yogic lineage but written for a new generation of yogis.

As Finn says, “Once you learn how to optimize your yoga, you will also optimize your life.”

Join the upward spiral today.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

“May all beings everywhere benefit from the fruits of this practice.”

The story

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Even though we think of Yoga as a spiritual pursuit, to do it for maximum physiological benefit it requires an elegant understanding of physics and how our joints function in gravity.

I’ve taught yoga to over 300,000 people, and I have observed that most of us have more awareness of the operating systems on our phones than our bodies. 

As a result, yoga injuries are rampant, and it’s turning people off Yoga which is heartbreaking to me as I know that the people who need Yoga – i.e. all of us – will not ever experience its magical capacity to heal, unless we shift this paradigm today.

There is a yogic concept called ahimsa, or causing the least harm. If yoga hurts your back, wrist, or shoulder, if you don’t know the best way to modify the poses to suit your unique body, this is not ahimsa; this is harmful.

I know this because 25 years ago, I sustained a massive injury working with a famous yoga guru. It turned out to be my biggest gift, and I wouldn’t be writing this book had this not happened. I had to revise my whole yoga practice by working with incredible teachers in many disciplines in and outside the yoga field. What has emerged is a new, biomechanically sound approach to the practice that works. It builds on the yoga lineage yet paves the path for a whole new future of well-being. I’d go as far as saying that work is the fountain of youth. 

Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share

If you found the fountain of youth, wouldn’t you be inspired to share it?

I know for me, it’s a passion that consumes me. I want to reduce suffering and increase the joy on the planet. This is why I have been working on Yoga Optimized relentlessly for a decade, giving up most of my social life and staying home on Saturday nights.

What is the basis for this insane obsession? This knowledge is too good to keep inside. It is my life’s work and my dharma to give back and contribute to the evolution of intelligent yoga. I want to level up the practice, and all that it offers for humanity.

As my hero Joseph Campbell says, “From sacrifice comes Bliss!”

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