Bliss Army Certified Yoga Teacher 500 hour
Blissology Yoga Mind Body Medicine

When Yoga meets cutting edge modern science, sparks fly! This dynamic course will deepen your knowledge and practice of the REAL healing benefits of yoga, breathing and meditation.

Join renowned yogi Eoin Finn E-RYT* and his colleague Dr. Lawrence Cheng on an immersive journey of learning, experience and bliss.

Open to yogis and healthcare practitioners. Also part of the Blissoloy 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification.
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There are 5 modules that make up this coveted 500 Hour certification program:

You can always take just one or two modules that interest you without needing to complete the entire Blissology 500 hour trainings.
Can’t make it to Bali this time? Don’t worry, you can also take these trainings online!

Yoga Mind Body Medicine Bliss Kit

Everything you need to know about this course.

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In Person

Blissology Yoga Mind Body Medicine

50 Hours of RYT 500
Yoga Alliance Certification

5x Day Immersion
Deepen your knowledge with yoga, nature, and community at an epic immersion location

Training Manual & Materials
>30,000 Word comprehensive Blissology Training Manual

Personal Guided Mentorship
Mentorship from Blissology 500 Hour Certified Teacher

Real Time Discussions
With Eoin, Mentors, and Students

December 16 – 20, 2024 in Bali

Online Training
with Mentorship

Blissology Yoga Mind Body Medicine

50 Hours of RYT 500
Yoga Alliance Certification

Video Review & Comment
From 500 Hour Certified Mentors

Real-Time Discussions With Eoin, Mentors, and Students to answer your questions

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Yoga and Mind-Body Medicine F.A.Q.s

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this course?

While this course is considered part of our 300/500 hr Blissology courses, it is suitable for all levels of yoga students, whether you are a teacher or not.
This course also offers incredible insights for anyone in the fields of health care or ancillary/ related occupations.


Goals of the course:

  1. The Science of the Body Systems
    You will have a clear understanding of DNA and genetics; Epigenetics; Microbiome; Hormones Nervous system; Cardiovascular System, and Biology of Belief
  2. To practice “Embodied Physiology”
    By learning the science and mechanisms of the body, you will be able to embody relaxation, peace and well-being. The More you feel the relaxation, peace and well-being, the more you will understand the science of the body.
  3. Learn Blissology Yoga + Breathing Tools
    How to down-regulate the stress response, tune into peace. We will practice yoga daily, and learn powerful breathing techniques to cultivate embodied peace
  4. To unlock your innate healing potential
    We will share the latest research on the healing power of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  Your practice will no longer just be about fitness or flexibility but about unlocking your innate ability to heal.

There are two Blissology Courses we recommend that are great to help set the foundation for this course:
1. Commit to Bliss
2. Conduit for Love

These will help you understand the breathing techniques, yoga practices, and embodied physiology that are unique to Blissology

This course counts toward 50 hours for the Blissology Yoga 500-hour certification.
Or you can earn 50 Yoga Alliance CEUs (in order to maintain your RYT status on Yoga Alliance, you need to report at least 30 hours of training every three years and this course will give you 50 hours towards that).


Eoin is an amazing teacher and I can’t get enough of his courses.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This is my second virtual course with Blissology Yoga. Eoin is an amazing teacher and I can’t get enough of his courses. Great whether you are just diving into yoga/meditation or have been practicing/teaching for many years like I have, Superflow gave me new insight into different ways to share meditation and breath work with my own students. Plus, the zoom calls and discussions over teachable were so wonderful. I look forward to completing the 100hr teacher training and hopefully soon doing an in person 300 hr training 🙂
Humbolt County, California

I’ll take this training over and over again for the rest of my life. I know I’ll not only learn new things but have a greater appreciation for what I already practice.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I took the Yoga Mind-Body Medicine training as the beginning of my 500 hr training with Eoin and it changed me forever. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Whether you are a teacher or an eternal student of life… take this training. You weren’t born with a manual for your body so this course is it. A manual for your mind and body. 
I’ve always been resistant to slowing down my practice and this course taught me how to go deeper. Be more grounded.  Eoin and his team are incredibly talented… I’m grateful for the Blissology family and teachings. 
Tasha Vu