Yoga Ecology Surf Retreats

Deepen your YOGA, SURF, help the OCEANS, feel incredibly HEALTHY and CONNECT with awesome peeps at the Blissology Yoga Ecology Surf Retreats.

Much more than a retreat, this is a celebration of everything that life offers us.

Our goal for the week, other than spending less time on our smart phones so we can tune in more deeply to what Eoin calls our “heart phones,” is to create lasting habits of change through a series of practical and powerful daily rituals that will help you to live in what we call an “Upward Spiral.”

Our morning practices will get you going with a sweet wave of awakening bliss; while the afternoon sessions will offer deeper alignment instruction in areas we choose to focus on such as inversions, front body stretches (or backbends) as well as restorative asana.  We will also offer special attention to the shoulders which always need love whether you surf the internet or surf waves!

Enjoy twice daily yoga sessions, organic, delicious food, powerful Blissology discussions, surfing, smiles, laughter and love and an expanding community of like-minded souls.

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Topics Include

  • Blissology Yoga to get in touch with the guidance of our deepest heart
  • Blissology Nature Appreciation Meditation techniques
  • Hammock Enlightenment time – relax, breathe, observe and receive in nature.
  • Blissology Discussions about Yoga philosophy and ecology
  • Impact work taking care of the ocean: Transplanting coral, beach cleanups, native plant restoration
  • Our goal is to make QUANTIFIABLE change to
  • Learn about Ecology
  • Play and fall more deeply in love with the oceans.

Kristine Sherliker

“When I think back to every Blissology retreat that I’ve been on, a huge smile spreads across my face. I’ve connected with so many wonderful souls in so many beautiful places. Truly, truly blessed.”