What is Hatha Yoga?

The way we use the term Hatha Yoga in many yoga circles isn’t what was originally meant by the term.

Many studios write Hatha Yoga on their schedules to indicate “mellow yoga” and Vinyasa Yoga to mean “sweaty yoga,” but this just isn’t accurate.

As you will hear, all physical yoga is “Hatha Yoga” which literally means “forceful” or “effortful” yoga. This effort is in contrast to “Raja Yoga” or the Yoga of Meditation that involves sitting and therefore less physical exertion.

This video is one of many videos that are part of the Blissology Teaching Methodology online course and the 100-hour and 200-hour certification programs.

We touch on what Vinyasa means as well as Asana but take a deeper dive in our course videos.

We hope that this helps clear up the way we use these terms and the way they were originally used.

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