The Intention of Blissology Yoga

Have you ever asked yourself why you are going to a yoga class or workshop? You may answer to become more fit and flexible or to find your center and invite more peace into your life.

Today we would like to invite you to reflect on the intentions of a Blissology Yoga class.

When you come to a Blissology Yoga class, you definitely will get more fit and flexible, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We have clear intentions about what our classes are about. Curious? Have a look at this five-minute video from our Somatics and Sequencing Course or continue reading.

In this post, I wanted to share with you what the intention is of a Blissology Yoga class. This might be a refresher for some of you, but I think it’s super important to get clear on this so you can see where we’re coming from philosophically, even though this is a course about sequencing and somatics, the philosophy is guiding our underlying philosophy. So without that, we’re kind of driving around in the dark with no headlights.

Why setting or having an intention is important.

The intention is important because I want you to know that when you are teaching your class, you are never just teaching a yoga class. Please don’t use the term just. You’re never just doing anything, especially not just teaching yoga. And it is definitely not just fitness, and it’s definitely not just relaxation.

But I would love for you to feel that you are creating a ritual for people. Now, ritual is a loaded word, but I wanted to tell you what I mean when I say ritual. A ritual is a consciously performed action that connects us to a belief system. So every time you do a class, it’s meant to connect you to a belief system.

And the main one, by the way, is that we belong to each other and we belong to nature. That is the main ritual of a Pathology Yoga class at least.

The intentions behind a Blissology Yoga class.

  • Create spaces where people can reconnect with quietness and stillness.
    Even if we find a quiet space, we’re probably hanging out with an extroverted person. Our phones interrupt us all the time, so we just don’t have spaces that are quiet anymore. So we need to make that space in our yoga classes.
  • We need places where people can release from darkness.
    And by darkness, I mean fear, worry, stress, loss, and anger. So people are coming to classes to do that.
  • To create a ritual to help us powerfully reconnect with Love.
    We need places to reconnect with love. Love is the greatest gift of the universe that we’ve been given.
  • To reconnect with our conscience and our “wise guide inside” that will help us choose the path of least harm.
    We need to connect to not just our higher consciousness, we need to connect with our conscience. Inside, there’s a place of conscience inside of us, a light that we tune into, I believe. And your job as a yogi is to recognize that. So it will guide us in all our relationships with others, with ourselves, and with nature.
  • To plug into a belief system that fearlessly values interconnection, love and cooperation.
  • To reconnect with joy so that life feels like a miracle.
    We want to live in joy and we need spaces of joy where we feel like life is a miracle again because way too often we get into autopilot mode.
  • To create spaces for people to feel like they are an integral part of the fabric of a community.
  • To create a space of belonging where we are supported by others and offer our support back.
    We want to create spaces where people feel like they belong to our community, where they can be supported and offer their support back.
  • To increase reverence for all life so that each creature is a gift, every moment is precious and the heart, the sea and the stars are sacred.
  • To reconnect to Prana, the vital life force that heals makes us whole and helps us thrive in all aspects of life.
  • To create functional movement that allows our bodies to move well now and in old age.
  • To create spaces where we can learn, share and grow.
  • To reconnect with our highest purpose and the future self we want to become.

So at any point, if you’re lost for a theme, this factor, the theme, feel free to borrow these. I mean, this is for me what the yellow classes are all about and I hope that we are aligned on this one. These are the intentions of our Blissology Yoga classes and these are what are guiding all the sequences.

Click here to download the PDF.

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