200-hr YTT

These comprehensive courses offer an authentic, powerful and sustainable way for you to deepen your life’s purpose and meaning. Even if you don’t want to teach you can radically deepen your practice and experience this life changing journey by earning your 200-hr graduate badge.

During this training you will learn to teach alignment based Blissology Yoga and receive your 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification. You will live, experience and embody intelligent techniques to present Hatha Yoga in a way which maximizes the health and sustainability of our bodies, while evolving the way we view life and relate to our world. We call this the art and science of Blissology.

Our commitment is to offer you a pathway to bring more love, awe and joy into the world before you leave the planet.
Expect to deepen + diversify your community, follow your Bliss and truly embody Yoga fundamentals.

Topics included

  • Anatomy
  • Alignment Principles
  • Classical Yoga Philosophy
  • Blissology: The philosophy of happiness
  • Adjustments
  • Sequencing
  • Energetics and the Subtle Body
  • Managing Energy
  • Classical Meditation and Pranayama
  • Innovative Blissology approaches to meditation
  • Teaching methodology
  • How to teach with feeling and not just function
  • Creating classes that celebrate our deep interconnection with community and Nature
  • Discovering your Life Mission
  • How to be a Conduit for Love


"I didn't believe in 'traditional' yoga until I took one of Eoin's classes. By the middle of class I already knew I wanted to drink this brand of Kool-Aid. Blissology brings yoga home to the heart of every soul who has been seeking, cultivating or evolving that omnipresent life force called Love. I committed to going to Bali and completing my 200-hr YTT on the day of that very first class and my journey as a health coach and healer has now been forever amplified. I began my 200-hr training in Santa Cruz just 3 months later and finished with joy, and wisdom and an entirely new family of Blissologists in Bali in May 2017."

Rocky Russo