200-hr YTT

This Yoga Alliance Certified 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training course offers an authentic, powerful and sustainable way for you to ignite your life’s purpose and meaning. Radically deepen your yoga practice, connect to your unique teaching voice and experience true inner transformation of body, mind and heart.

During this training you will learn to teach alignment based Blissology Yoga. You will live, experience and embody intelligent techniques to present Yoga in a way which maximizes the health and sustainability of our bodies, while evolving the way we view life and relate to our world. We call this the art and science of Blissology.

Our commitment is to offer you a pathway to bring more love, awe and joy into the world before you leave the planet.
Expect to deepen + diversify your community, follow your Bliss and truly embody Yoga fundamentals.

Goals of the course


  • A thorough understanding of underlying patterns of yoga alignment using our Blissology Alignment system.
  • A user-friendly model to understand these patterns that will serve as a foundation for adjusting, cueing and creating poses that are safe, therapeutic and joyful.

Blissology Yoga Practice + Anatomy + Alignment Goals

  • Incredible advances in your personal yoga practice and yoga asana techniques.
  • A powerful awareness of anatomy and physiology that will allow for sophisticated bodily control.
  • Neuromuscular re-patterning so that we have the control of our fine muscle skills to create elegant and sustainable movements now and well into the future.
  • Knowledge of the breath and its effect on the physical nervous system, our psychology and our spiritual selves.
  • Awareness of the embodied experience. Learning how to not just do yoga, but to feel yoga from the inside out.
  • Awareness of the subtle body and the feeling of energy in our bodies and on the planet.

The Blissology Art of Teaching Goals

  • Learn 5 routines ranging from beginner yoga classes, to slow flow and sweaty vinyasa classes
  • Log up hours of practical teaching time so you can be assured of your ability to teach at the end of this course
  • Learn how to sequence classes based on the energy and needs of the room
  • Blissology Philosophy + Lifestyle Goals
  • Study yoga philosophy from the Chakras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras

Ayurveda and a rich assortment of eastern philosophy

  • Use Eoin’s unique user’s guide to the “5 spiritual paths” to teach yoga classes that have depth and to live a life that is balanced and purposeful!
  • Develop a solid meditation practice
  • Be a conduit for Love
  • Know your life mission
  • Embody the Nature and Yoga connection
  • Learn the Business of Yoga

Topics included

  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Blissology Yoga Alignment Principles
  • Prenatal Awareness
  • Classical Yoga Philosophy
  • Blissology: The philosophy of happiness
  • Hands on Adjustments
  • Sequencing
  • Energetics and the Subtle Body
  • Managing Energy
  • Classical Meditation and Pranayama
  • Innovative Blissology approaches to meditation
  • Teaching methodology
  • How to teach with feeling and not just function
  • Creating classes that celebrate our deep interconnection with community and Nature
  • Discovering your Life Purpose and Mission
  • How to be a Conduit for Love




"I didn't believe in 'traditional' yoga until I took one of Eoin's classes. By the middle of class I already knew I wanted to drink this brand of Kool-Aid. Blissology brings yoga home to the heart of every soul who has been seeking, cultivating or evolving that omnipresent life force called Love. I committed to going to Bali and completing my 200-hr YTT on the day of that very first class and my journey as a health coach and healer has now been forever amplified. I began my 200-hr training in Santa Cruz just 3 months later and finished with joy, and wisdom and an entirely new family of Blissologists in Bali in May 2017."

Rocky Russo