200-hr YTT Assistant

The Blissology YTT Assisting Program is at the heart of our 200hr Trainings as assistants play a vital role in creating the vibe, supporting students, fostering learning and ensuring the day to day activities run smoothly.

Assistants will gain valuable experience providing feedback to aspiring teacher during breakout groups, while receiving feedback of their own from Eoin and the course Facilitators. Assistants will have the opportunity to mentor students and work with them one on one to ensure their success, in their training.

Assisting a Blissology 200-hr training also means taking part in the training itself, deepening your practice, joining in discussion, sharing your experiences, and creating connections with a passionate group of like minded yogis. In the end, the greatest gift of Assisting a Blissology 200-hr Training is supporting your fellow yogis on their transformational journey.

You will also benefit from auditing the course, learning the latest evolution in Blissology methodologies. It’s a great time to deepen your own practice and teaching skills.

Assisting a Blissology 200-hr training is a prerequisite for anyone on the path to becoming a Course facilitator and a 500-hr Blissologist Teacher.

Requirements: Candidates must be graduates of the Blissology 200-hour training and be approved by the Blissology Trainings Director.

All Accommodations, meals and transport expenses are the Assistants responsibility.


"What an honor it was to watch the magic of this training unfold from a slightly different perspective! To witness, and to be a part of, the journey, the transformations and the breakthroughs... connections on the deepest level, was pure bliss. I'm filled with love and gratitude remembering this time in Bali. Assisting a Blissology Yoga teacher training was a truly incredible experience. My heart, and my Blissology family doubled in size."

Jen Eaton