Teacher Training

Are you called to ALIGNING your passion with your life purpose, to live with more kindness, positivity and to leave a legacy of LOVE in the world? Explore our trainings and courses to find something to fuel your Bliss, whether you are newly committed to finding a Yoga Teacher Training program, if you are an existing yoga teacher or if you are simply looking to learn and experience more.

100-hr Immersion In Person & Online

Interested in Blissology alignment, energetics and philosophy? In this unique, intensive 100-hr YA Certified program, you will dive into Blissology Yoga and study refined techniques to embody yoga asana from both a foundational level to advanced practice.

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Blissology

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life (Part 1)

Making yoga a feeling and not just a shape. Learning deep anatomy from an embodied experience. “Body Architecture” – learning how to distribute the forces of tension-compression in the body for the health of your joints. Rewiring your nervous system for more mind-muscle connection.

Commit to Bliss (Part 1)

Philosophy made relevant for the modern era. Meditation made easy and enjoyable. Progressive breathing techniques that move the body and mind towards calm. Embodied Physiology to help self-regulate towards embodied peace. Deep understanding of the purpose and mechanism of respiration.

Blissology Teaching Methodology Module

Teaching Methodology (Part 1)

Learn the Art of Vinyasa Sequencing: what makes a class feel good to our bodies, minds, and hearts. Understanding peak poses and building sequences around them. How to teach to different levels – we call it “All Levels, All Good.” Dealing with injuries. Rhythm and timing.

200-hr YTT In Person & Online

The Blissology Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training course offers an authentic, powerful and sustainable way for you to ignite your life’s purpose and meaning. This training will be broken into 2 programmes:

Part 1: Blissology 100 HR Online Immersion Part 2: Blissology 100 HR Online Immersion

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Blissology

Align Your Yoga Align Your Life (Part 1), Self Guided

By breaking yoga into easy to understand patterns, this course will empower yoga practitioners to take their practice into their own hands. You will rewire your yoga practice and unlearn to relearn what’s best for you and your body. You will gain incredible insights and develop somatic skills so that your body functions at its optimal level now, and well into old age. 

 Commit to Bliss (Part 1), Self Guided.

We want to share powerful tools to make Embodied Peace your setpoint. The goal of this course is that you never lose “the tether of peace” no matter what you are experiencing in your life. Instead of being pulled by the ups and downs of the outer world, you will know how to access a place inside of unshakable calm and serenity. We will explore the intersection of yogic wisdom.

Blissology Teaching Methodology Module

Teaching Methodology (Part 1), Interactive

As this course requires support and feedback from a Blissology Facilitator to confirm a 100 HR Certification, this course is interactive and will be scheduled over a 3 week period, commencing June 14th, 2021. This Interactive Course will be led by Eoin Finn and supported by 500 HR Blissology YTT Mentors.  

Commit to Bliss (Part 2) | How to be a Conduit for Love

When we are grounded in the practice of embodied peace, we can answer the call of our heart’s deepest message and become Conduits for Love.  “What is Love?” is the third most googled question in the world. In this course we will answer this question, plus give you skills to bring as much love as possible fearlessly into the world. In this module.

Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Blissology

Align Your Yoga Align Your Life (Part 2), Led + Interactive

At the end of this course you will not only be a yoga teacher but a somatic movement educator. This course will teach you how to implement Blissology’s lines of DUO (Dynamic Unifying Opposition) to balance the forces of tension and compression so that you get the most stretch in the safest way possible for you and your joints.

Blissology Teaching Methodology Module

Teaching Methodology (Part 2), Interactive

In an exciting convergence of the online and in person teaching worlds, we will run this course live and interactively from Bali, Indonesia, where students from the in person 200 hr YTT will connect with our online global, community. We are very excited to share the love and learning across all borders.

300/500-hr Modules

These modules focus on philosophy that merges yoga with deep ecology, alignment and adjustments, the art and science of healing, the fluid body and energetics as well as creating intelligent sequencing.

Yoga Mind Body Medicine (50-hr)

Advanced Alignment+ Adjustment (50-hr)

Superflow (50-hr)

Advanced Alignment+ Adjustment (50-hr)

Yogic By Nature (75-hr)

200-HR YTT Assistant Apprentice (50-hr)