Ashley Harrison


About Me:

Ashley’s career first started when she fell in love with yoga in her teens. She was immediately entranced by the effects of joining movement and breath.

A few years later Ashley discovered Pilates and it naturally became part of her practice. She has now been practicing both yoga and Pilates for over 14 years. Ashley’s desire to help people connect to their bodies and improve their health led her to attain RYT 200 certificate from Feel Good Yoga and Pilates and the Yoga Alliance in 2016.

The following year Ashley completed a Pilates Teacher Training with Dana Carter Fitness and Shelbourne Physiotherapy. This program had an emphasis on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates with special attention shown to injuries and illnesses.

After completing Blissology's Mind, Body, Medicine course, Ashley then went on to attend a 100 hour immersion and will complete her final 100 hours with Blissology in May 2020.

Ashley has a passion for assisting those with injuries, illnesses or chronic pain with learning to find safe and healthy movement patterns. Ashley’s focus is to deliver whole body healing and a full workout while providing modified options for pain-free movement. Ashley is the owner of Stretch Collective, a Pilates and yoga studio in Victoria BC.

My life mission:

To help all beings live lighter

One quote to live by:

Change happens through movement and movement heals.

My spirit animal:

Raven! The raven helped to bring light to the world in indigenous stories. The raven also brings humour, trickiness and wisdom. As well, whenever I have had big change in my life, the raven has moved in close to me, living in trees around my house. I have always been comforting my their amazing sounds.


100-hr Immersion

100-hr Immersion


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Yoga Mind Body Medicine

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