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About Me:

A bold, compassionate writer, yoga teacher, wellness trainer and social media sensation Rhyanna Watson – who has come out the other side of a lot of personal trauma both stronger and happier – explores how to strip back your protective layers back

Rhyanna Watson is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, and popular Instagrammer and YouTuber, who has had a love of all things fitness from a young age. She has both played water polo and swam for Tasmania, competed in track at the Pan-Pacific Games and been a fitness director on cruise ships, and she now offers a range of online wellness programmes.

Rhyanna has come out the other side of personal traumas including sexual assault, post-natal depression and a suicide attempt both stronger and happier. She loves engaging with her extensive online community, helping them be brave enough to live in ways that they previously only dreamt of - fit, open, vibrant, contented, true to themselves and free. She is now keen to share her messages of love and empowerment in this book

My life mission:

To find space for all to live authentically. To help all too, get to experience the beauty of this feeling of your body as your sanctuary despite all else that may be going on in life. Also to help us all honour the most complicated relationship we all will ever have and have ever had the one with ourselves, understanding how everything affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually. It has never been about comparison to another or fixing another. The hardest thing to own is it was never about anyone else and never will be; it will always be about us, as it impacts others when we have an inability to communicate an internal struggle and project it on others.

My favorite podcast:


One quote to live by:

Dont wait for the storm to pass dance in the rain

My spirit animal:

Tassie Devil... because there is no label just a creature being unapologetically themselves.


200-hr Certified Teacher

200-hr Certified Teacher




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