Jen Traxel


About Me:

I'm a left-handed, multi-passionate Virgo with an ENFJ personality. Blissology Inspired Yoga, MMI Certified Meditation Teacher, Intuitive, Reiki Master and Soulful Lifestyle Coach. I am passionate about the earth, animals and nature, and believe that devoted self-care and connection to the voice within are foundational in discovering your unique heart-centered path. I've done intuitive readings for hundreds of people all over the world, and naturally began when I was 12 years old. Craziest things i've ever done - getting tasered in police training, getting bit by a shark, diving the blue hole in Belize, building a business from the ground up, crashing my scooter in Indonesia and free diving in the ocean with my mermaid tail in Hawaii. I'm a world traveller - highlights include seeing a blue whale in the wild, planting coral in Bali, connecting with wild dolphins in Bimini, staying overnight in a remote village in Guatemala and backpacking Central America and Portugal. Purpose, connection, contribution, creativity and silliness are some of my highest values that I strive to practice everyday!

My life mission:

To live with an open, shining heart, connecting wholeheartedly to my authentic self, the people around me and the natural world.

One quote to live by:

Everything you are looking for can be found within

My spirit animal:

It's always been the dolphins. For as long as I can remember I have felt connected to their presence, playfulness and grace.



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