Chloe Markham

United Kingdom

About Me:

For me, yoga is about connecting to the joy of being alive. It's not necessarily about aesthetics, capabilities, or lifestyle; just movement, meditation and laughter to enable us to find good health, good humour and mindfulness within these crazy days. If you come to my classes, expect amazing music, lots of laughter, a few high fives and some seriously good vibes.

My life mission:

To promote and facilitate authentic happiness in myself and others.

My favorite podcast:

My top two (right now) have to be the Waterpeople Podcast and Under The Skin with Russell Brand.

One quote to live by:

"Happiness is only real, when shared.” Chris McCandless

Favorite ALDP song:

Picking an individual song is the hardest thing anyone ever asks me. Buuut at the time of writing I'd be jazzed to ALDP to It's Only Love by Bryan Adams & Tina Turner.

Book I like to re-read:

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. What a read.



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