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Fire only burns as bright as there are flames to continue keeping it alive. Our Blissology Yoga Teacher’s Collective is burning bright and we are so excited to share the first of our Bliss Blogs on some of the amazing spirits and shining lights who are continuing to speak, connect and inspire their Bliss.


Where in the world can we find you? 
When not gypsying around the world and/or chasing Eoin’s wanderlust for hosting 500hr YTT modules in tropical surf locations you will find me settling back into New Zealand after many years of living abroad in Europe and North America! I’m so blessed to be the first Blissology inspired teacher in Aotearoa (Said Aotea—roa). This is the Maori word for New Zealand, which is often translated as the Land of the Long White Cloud)…!’

What studio do you teach at? 
I’m teaching corporate yoga at several locations around town and have just picked up a class one of New Zealand biggest Universities ( When I’m not teaching I’m working on Mala Earth ( and exploring many of the amazing studios and teachers around Auckland, supporting and learning from all these talented guides we have down-under!

What is your life mission?  
To love fully and live an inspired life…!! .. If I’m honest, it feels so strange to see this in print! I have begun to chase my dreams, which it’s not always glamorous but is incredibly fulfilling to live with purpose and passion and at the end of the day I want to inspire others to do the same in their own lives, from this place collectively we can change the world

What are 3 projects that you are up to? 
This is an interesting question because as an ex-corporate and Project Manager by ‘trade’ I always gravitate to having a few projects on the ‘go’ at anyone time. Right now a few biggies are: 1) Mala Earth An online store with of beautiful Malas sourced from my travels around the world. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and shipping worldwide – Mala Earth is a concept inspired by a love for yoga, sustainability, living an authentic and mindful life. This is jewellery for your soul. 2) Build my knowledge as a Yoga Teacher This is totally inspired by Blissology and my deep desire to live a healthy sustainable life, also the connection and love I have to nature when practicing yoga outside. 3) Rebecca Agent yikes! This is my attempt to get online figure out the world of social media and blogging…

What does Blissology mean to you? 
Nature, Connection, Love, Community, Exploration, Learning. Blissology for me has been a cracking open from the inside out… I carry with me daily Eoin’s mantra of “Nothing to prove, everything to share”

What are 2 of your favorite songs for yoga?
– ‘For What it’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield’ – A track I first heard played by Dj Drez in a Meghan Currie flow class at Wanderlust Whistler 2011, it’s continues to be a favourite
– ‘Gooey by Glass Animals’ – A track that continues to bring me back to the amazing journey that was my Blissology yoga teacher training in Bali 2014.

I love that music is a thread that can take you back to so many memories, happy, sad and otherwise and becomes a new thread creating new memories within this moment… How lucky we are in our work, where we become the mixmaster that can thread these experiences and memories together for ourselves and our students…

What books are you reading?
– Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, a Christmas present from my brother. Written by a kickass female entrepreneur who is the head of a $350m fashion empire, and started her entrepreneurial journey as a young rebel selling used vintage clothing on eBay.
– Pilgrimage by  Paulo Coelho, I’m re-reading a book which inspired the naming of one of Mala Earth’s beautiful Rudraksha and Turquoise Malas called the Pilgrimage Mala ( This piece protects us on our travel adventures and represents the spiritual journey of life.

Why do you yoga? 
I practice yoga because I’ve realised that I am happiest when I move my body. I love to ski, surf, run, swim and play so yoga infuses all these elements and provides permission for me to be an explorer of a deeper realm of both outside and inside of myself.

You can find contact info and more from this lovely yogini at and

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