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Superflow is Trending!

Like you, I had a bit of a rollercoaster day, careening from fear to disbelief, resilience and joy.

This was a nice email to receive from the folks at AloMoves – my new “Superflow Mobility” program is trending in their videos.

I’m stoked for two reasons.

1. it’s taken decades to develop into the movement art that I love the most. I’m so glad people are digging it.

2. More importantly, I know that so many people are stuck inside their house with so many thoughts stuck inside their heads. I’m happy to be of service to help share my medicine. I pray it helps bring us back to peace and move the needle back to LOVE.

By the way, I have all new content I’ve just filmed specifically for this time dropping this week on the Blissology Vimeo On Demand channel.

5 Surf-Inspired Yoga Moves

A superflow is a joyous movement practice that pulls from yoga, tai chi, and surfing.

This powerful yet calming trinity intentionally mimics the rhythm of nature and flow of the oceans, opening you to a higher state of bliss in both body and mind.

Here are five beneficial surf-inspired movements:

  • Tai Chi for centering
  • Lay back flow
  • Surf burpees
  • Surf burpees with slash
  • Round house

On a physical level, these practices increase agility, coordination, and strength; mentally they evoke positive energy and clarity. Yogis will find these flows more circular and less confined to a grid than a traditional yoga practice. Fitness enthusiasts will love the physical challenge and creativity within each sequence. Expect a whole new level of mind-body harmony.

And if you want to dive deeper into the superflow practice, join me in Tofino in September/October for a Superflow: the Fluid Body advanced module course!

My Favourite Morning Yoga Routine

Twenty-nine years ago I started dabbling in tai chi, meditation and yoga.

I didn’t know a lot about any of these at the time but I would go to empty beaches where I could feel the transformative power of the Great Spirit. I would move organically and let its energy flow through me, sand in my toes and peace in my heart.

Today, a mix of these tai chi, yoga and surfing movements is called a Superflow and it is my favourite routine every morning when I wake up (I highly recommend checking out the instructional video first to understand the movements before putting them together in a flow, practice starts at 5:20 mins):

If you’re inspired by these movements, join me for a 50-hr Superflow advanced module in Tofino this September/October. Or practice with me online, on Cody.