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What we are cooking right now

I have been experimenting in the kitchen since I was a young girl, growing up in India.  I’ve also been interested in health for as long as I can remember; and have always desired to eat food that is not just good for you, but tastes good as well.

When Eoin asked me to share my favorite recipes for the Blissology Project, I told him that simple vegetable soups would be a big part it.

He smiled.

We cook a lot of soups. I think I could eat soup for dinner almost every night. I love soups and stews, because they are nourishing for our minds and our gut – our body wants our food to be simple and in a soup, flavors meld together along with the cooked veggies, making the resultant broth easier for our bodies to digest.

Fellow parents, I also think soups are a delicious way to eat vegetables while tasting their flavors. Our son will lap up warm soup with a smile.  And another way I often think of soups is that they are like a warm smoothie, just a lot more healing to our digestive system.

Here is a simple soup that could be a lovely meal if you have had too many festive foods this holiday season and need some lighter fare.  As always, we encourage you to buy local, organic veggies that have not traveled far to get onto your plate. This keeps their vibrancy and vitality intact, filling you up with Prana or lifeforce when you eat this way.

I hope you enjoy it, please do let us know.