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What is Hatha Yoga?

The way we use the term Hatha Yoga in many yoga circles isn’t what was originally meant by the term.

Many studios write Hatha Yoga on their schedules to indicate “mellow yoga” and Vinyasa Yoga to mean “sweaty yoga,” but this just isn’t accurate.

As you will hear, all physical yoga is “Hatha Yoga” which literally means “forceful” or “effortful” yoga. This effort is in contrast to “Raja Yoga” or the Yoga of Meditation that involves sitting and therefore less physical exertion.

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We touch on what Vinyasa means as well as Asana but take a deeper dive in our course videos.

We hope that this helps clear up the way we use these terms and the way they were originally used.

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The Gunas: The Yogic Energy Map

This fresh and insightful interpretation of a concept that comes from Yogic Philosophy and Ayurveda will offer you an incredibly intelligent and intuitive guide to living your life to its fullest capacity.

The word Guna comes from the word “strand.” Just like a rope is made of several strands there are three strands of life’s energy. That is to say, there are three main qualities of life.

Not knowing the Gunas is like going through life not knowing North, South, East and West. Eoin calls it an “energy map” that helps us master our energy in life.

There are so many energies we could feel, but the Gunas let’s us categorize them at the meta level so we can see the overarching patterns to how life interacts. Like you would file receipts in a file folder, the Gunas are like a filing system for energy.

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