The Fluid Body

July 5 – 9, 2023 in Kelowna, BC
Bliss Army Certified Yoga Teacher 500 hour
Superflow The Fluid Body Blissology

Superflow™ is an evolutionary movement art, created by master teacher Eoin Finn that blends the focus and integration of yoga with chi movements and organic surf-inspired flow.

This joyous way of moving was born of sand and salt air many decades ago; and with it, we become more in rhythm with nature and the intelligence that guides all life. Superflow complements a linear vinyasa practice, challenges your fitness, and fills you with stoke.

Who this course is for:

This course is for you if you are an intermediate yoga practitioner who wants to learn the fundamentals of this joyous movement art. It is also great for yoga teachers who want to expand their repertoire beyond traditional linear movements. The course qualifies you for 50 Yoga Alliance CEUs. Additionally, it is one of five modules on the lauded Blissology 500 hour certification path.

We offer this course as a 5-day immersion. You can count on pre-course readings, immersion week films, assigned journaling exercises, and various experiential learning and powerful teaching exercises. We will foster authentic community; enjoy family meals, sunset yoga and at least one group surf excursion during this module.

We offer this course over 5 sessions with the option to video review of your Superflow sequences from qualified Blissology 500/ 300 hour trained teachers. You will participate in a private online forum to discuss course topics with other students, Eoin and your mentors. You will also receive a beautifully designed course manual to facilitate deeper comprehension of the movements and the rich philosophy of Deep Ecology.

Goals of the course:

  1. After establishing a firm foundation in Yoga Alignment (Blissology 100 and 200-hour) we want to continue the evolution in the realm of fluid movement. We will explore both movements that are slow and soft and sometimes powerful and explosive.
  2. We want you to be able to allow for the experience of your intuitive and feeling side to come out in the practice. This may be categorized in modern thinking as creative Right Brain and linear, analytical, rational Left Brain. We seek a practice that grounds while allowing for ecstatic free-spiritedness.
  3. We will share tools for how to make yoga practice a ritual that honors our connection to Nature. The goal of the practice is to shift our consciousness from one of dominion over Nature to “reverent collaboration.”
  4. We want you to be comfortable bringing out the “Joy Body” in your superflow™ classes. We want people to rediscover the bliss of childlike wonder in the world. You will uncover tools for creating a practice that kids would want to participate in. To get off of our 2 x 5 rectangular grids and find the joy in movement!
  5. We want to be able to bring elements of these Superflow™ moves into an Alignment Yoga Class.
  6. To create a foundation for the facilitating of an entire Superflow™ class.
  7. As always the biggest goal in Blissology Yoga is to cultivate community and enjoy nature. This is what really counts in every class and every immersion. Superflow™ is very conducive to this.

Topics Covered

  • Creating practices with fluidity and grace.
  • Discovering how the way to a a fluid mind is through the fluid body.
  • Enjoying a practice that brings us harmony with Nature and the Ocean.
  • Making each practice a ritual of Deep Ecology.
  • Creating practices and routines that are fiery but still fluid and not robotic. This is fitness in the Flow State.
  • The magic of “Hand Calligraphy” where we let the fluidity guide our movements.
  • Tuning into your inner intelligence as we open up our creativity and intuition.
  • The connection between fluidity and our energy body.
  • Moving stuck emotions out of the body with intentional movements.
  • The power of non-static yoga where we increase our range of motion while we are in motion.
  • The joy of stretching and moving through off axis motions.
  • Movements with real world application to your sports and movement patterns.
  • Coordinating the breath with fluid movements for the ultimate moving meditation.


  • Session 1: Welcome + Philosophy + Discussions
    Learn + Teach Fluid Sea
  • Session 2: Clearing Emotions, Breaking Down Patterns + Moving with Nature  
    Teach Surf Check Warm-Up
  • Session 3: Embodied Centering and Functional Rotation 
    Learn + Teach “3 Abodes Flow”
  • Session 4: Superflow Hand Patterns
  • Session 5: Superflow Lunar and Solar Energy Waves 
    Learn + Teach “Dog Town + Z-Boys Flow


Eoin is an amazing teacher and I can’t get enough of his courses

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This is my second virtual course with Blissology Yoga. Eoin is an amazing teacher and I can’t get enough of his courses. Great whether you are just diving into yoga/meditation or have been practicing/teaching for many years like I have, Superflow gave me new insight into different ways to share meditation and breath work with my own students. Plus, the zoom calls and discussions over teachable were so wonderful. I look forward to completing the 100hr teacher training and hopefully soon doing an in person 300 hr training 🙂
Blissology Trained Yoga Teacher

I loved the Superflow course.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
It helped me to embody movement and connect deeply to myself and the world around me, with joy as I moved. This course was jam packed full of amazing teachings, techniques + beautiful souls with a life long community of connections. And I continue to learn, grow and connect with it all. I could not recommend this course enough. It really shows how our minds find the fluidity through fluid movements and creates the harmony within and out in the bigger world
Rhyanna W.
Blissology Teacher, Mother, Author

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Superflow The Fluid Body Blissology

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Superflow The Fluid Body Blissology
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Superflow The Fluid Body Blissology
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