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Sharing with Joy is not Vulnerability

Sometimes after class people tell me, “Wow, you share so vulnerably.”

I’m always taken back when people make these types of comments. I may share freely or authentically, but vulnerability has never been a part of my model for conceiving the world. I simply have something to share that must come out of me. I love sharing it.

I know not everyone will like what I do, and people will even criticize how I do things. But that’s ok. I don’t feel vulnerable at all.

I believe we all have abilities to share, and it is sad to think that these may not be realised because we are worried about what people will think of us. You are more than worthy, everyone. Do not keep your offerings inside. Share them as an offering to others a legacy of kindness and something that will better the lives of many.

We need to be conscious of the inherent bias of our language and begin to switch the paradigm.

Vulnerability connotes weakness and fragility, as though we are at risk of being hurt by others. But once you see that it is by not sharing that we remain weak and fragile, you will see, as I say here, that we have made the pathology the norm. Let’s break this barrier and step into our power.

You have nothing to prove and everything to share. Now, more than ever, the world needs your gifts. Offer them fearlessly with Love.

Feel that you are getting out of your own way and allow a power greater than you to come through.

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