Surf Fit Superflow downloadable video

Superflow is a movement art blending yoga, tai chi, surf fitness and intuitive movement.

It is fast becoming the most sought after workout in the world because it feels so joyous to move fluidly as we increase our mobility and get stronger. Flowing movements are practical for life. We love static yoga poses but I am also deeply influenced by surfing and skating. This is an extension of yoga where we increase our range of motion when our bodies are in motion. Of course we end with long, deep stretches and start with embodied centering but we want to also increase your fitness as well.

A connection to the ocean is key. No matter where you live, you will feel more connected to the oceans inside your body and out. We always more in ways that are harmonious with nature. This helps us be more in love with the planet and be better stewards of it.

Lastly, you will find that unless you are in the flow state mentally, the movements will always be clunky. On the flip side, when our bodies find flow, our minds find flow.

To help you understand the movements and to see them safe, we have included 4 incredible instructional videos for many of the core sequences in this routine.

1. The Cosmic Bowling Flow
2. The Surfing the Box Flow
3. The Warrior 3 to Pistol Flow
4. Functional Rotation

We recommend watching these first before trying the full 40-minute flow practice

As if all this isn’t enough, we have included a 20-minute fluid body meditation. If you think you need to sit still like a stone statue in meditation, you need to try this groundbreaking approach. You will open up to the experience of calm energy.

If you are experiencing financial hardships, use the code blisscount35 for 35% off.

As well, 10% of all proceeds will go to the EcoKarma Project for a cleaner ocean for the next generation.

We can’t wait to share this way of moving. It ticks so many boxes at the same time. Enjoy this groove. This is Fitness in the Flow State.

Stay in Flow with Life and Nature.

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