Stay Om Yoga: Volume 2 downloadable video

This video series was made to help us restore a connection to our highest vibrational self even in these challenging times.

The Yoga routine is called “Fluid Honey.” It is a slow, chi-inspired Superflow practice that is calming and also moves stuck energy out of the body. Follow Eoin’s smooth instruction under the majestic Bali skies and powerful ocean waves. We want to bring the beauty of nature into your home since we believe that yoga combined with an intimate connection to nature is an unbeatable combination. The routine is broken down into chapters so you can easily navigate through according to your schedule.

The movements are a fusion of yoga, tai chi, intentional movement and ocean-inspired flows. You will love the way you feel during this practice. All anxiousness will be dissolved, and peace will fill your heart.

There is also a meditation routine called “Peace in a Crisis” to help us learn to stay centered in the midst of trying times. It’s like training your body and mind for calmness regardless of external situations.

We have included a 10-minute instructional video on how to do the “Fluid Sea” warmups that connect us to the oceans of energy inside our body and out. You will stretch like a yogi but flow with the grace of a chi-master or hula dancer.

Lastly, we have including a video about our EcoKarma movement. EcoKarma is where we find our highest self in service of nature.

This package will be your go-to during these days of sheltering in place and for years to come!

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