Stay Om Yoga: Volume 1 downloadable video

In this time of social distancing our stress, anxiety and fear are going through the roof. Yet, we need to face life now more than ever with a calm mind, a loving heart and a resilient body.

This series was designed exactly for this reason. “Stay Om Yoga” Vol 1 includes one 45 min yoga routine, 1 short “Love Transcends All Distance meditation,” as well as a bonus feature video explaining how to do the superflow 3 Abodes routine.

The 3 Abodes Flow refers to the abodes of the heart. This is important to learn the skills of self-regulating our feelings and our energy. We can be open-hearted, calm and at peace or we can cut off energy drains from our past, our negative thoughts or the fields of others.

The yoga is a slow flow practice and deep. You will emerge feeling renewed and with more calm.

You can pay a sliding scale since I know many people are experiencing economic hard times. Use the code “Union35” for 35% off, “Union50” for 50% off or Union65 for 65% off.

My family appreciates these purchases too as we try and navigate our way through the uncertain economic climate.

This whole program is my medicine in these challenging times. I’m excited to share it with you.

As we shelter in place, let’s “Stay Om” together

With Love and Light

Eoin Finn

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