Engraved BLISS Bronze Bracelet


These bronze bracelets are the newest addition to our Blissology jewelry collection. Each bracelet is adjustable – you can widen the band to fit a wider wrist and you will find that it feels substantial yet light.  We created these in collaboration with The House of Alaia, an ethical design house in Bali, Indonesia.  We created two different inscriptions to choose from.

BLISS Bracelet
We love the hammered brass band, upon which the acronym B.L.I.S.S. is engraved on the outside, while on the inside is written: “Beautiful Living is Super Simple.” Our intention is that when you wear this bracelet, you will be reminded always that the pathway to a blissful life is more simple than we make it out to be.

Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share Bracelet
Wearing a mantra on your self is an active reminder of its power.  We are thrilled for our new hammered brass bracelets that embody our tribe founder Eoin Finn’s philosophy “Nothing to prove, everything to share.”  As he says, channel your heart’s deepest calling with no fear, only love.  We know you will love this unique, handmade piece.  This bracelet features an inscription on the outside and a simple “ef blissology” subtly engraved on the inside.

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