Eco Karma Mala Bracelet

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This ocean inspired bracelet is part of our EcoKarma collection and represents our mission to Revere, Respect and Protect our natural environment through intentional actions, so we can leave a harmonious planet for the next generation and the generations to come.

We designed it with powerful purifying stones to support you and your ability to create change in your life and in the world.

The mala contains Aquamarine to offer courage, release stress and counteract the forces of darkness or despair by tuning into light; Moonstone to remind us that everything is part of the cycle of change and to promote empathy; Turquoise to enhance intuition, release inhibitions and strengthen our energetic field so we are protected and can release negativity (Turquoise is also said to unite our divine masculine and feminine energies); and Smoky Quartz to ground and anchor our spirit and promote detoxification through all channels in the body-mind-spirit.

The bracelet also contains Rudraksha Beads. Known as the “Eye or Tears of Shiva” they have been worn by sages and yogis since Vedic times for their spiritual significance and healing properties.

Completing the mala bracelet is a  Blissology pendant shaped like a teardrop and a flame.  It reminds us that life is both Bliss and sacrifice: while the five circles signify our relationship to our Self, to those we are in close relationship with, to our community, our planet and to the cosmos.  How we treat ourselves is how we treat everyone and everything we are in interrelationship with.


  • 29 carefully sourced mala beads.
  • Contains: Turquoise, aquamarine, moonstone, smoky quartz and rudraksha beads.
  • 18 K gold plating over sterling silver.
  • Silk threads and tassel.
  • Handmade and blessed in Bali, Indonesia.

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