Join Eoin for a powerful + blissful New Moon Manifesting Flow Yoga class and meditation.

When: Sunday August 8th, 5:30 PM Pacific Time
(a.k.a Monday August 9th @ 8:30AM Singapore Time / 10:30 AM Sydney Time).

On 08/08, when Sirius, the brightest star closest to us rises in the eastern sky and aligns with the sun in the northern hemisphere, those studying the stars, believe it to be a time of powerful energy and creative radiance. Let’s harness this potent time with a global practice of manifesting flow, abundance and bliss in our lives and for the planet.

This class is open to all levels of students and includes a 5 minute Dharma talk and ten minute closing meditation.

Join us for this class, or up-level your entire week by joining our FREE week long 7 day Yoga Challenge on Blissology on Demand.

We’re excited to share the bliss vibes with you.

p.s. This special class will kick off Blissology’s 7 Day Yoga Challenge taking place from: Sunday August 8th – Saturday August 14th! By completing 7 days of yoga on Blissology On Demand (and following along with our Bliss challenge guidelines) you have the chance to win the HOW TO BE A CONDUIT FOR LOVE COURSE.