My Favorite Yoga Student

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Here’s a peak to a chapter in my upcoming book Yoga Optimized.

“If you’ve ever taught anything, you know the joy of those moments when the line between teaching and learning is blurred.

I want to tell you about my favorite yoga student and what I learned from him.

In 2002, I taught at a private school for boys in Vancouver, British Columbia. In this class of eighth-graders, one of the students was blind. I had to put braille on his yoga mat so he could always know where he was in space.

Watching him practice filled me with delight. He wasn’t a contortionist or a bendy social media yoga superstar. He was, in fact, quite stiff.

Yet even in a tight body, he was free of what I consider to be the biggest wrong turn we all take on the road to happiness: the need for the approval of others...”

(Download the pdf to read the rest)

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