300-500 hr trainings

The 300 and 500-hour training modules have been our passion. We are passionate about working with yogis who are interested in exploring the depths of the yoga practice and developing the skills to share the Blissology mission of bringing more love and connection into the world.

Each module has been reverse-engineered by Eoin to fill expand on the incredible alignment, philosophy and energetics of the 200 hour Blissology program.

These modules focus on philosophy that merges yoga with deep ecology, alignment and adjustments, the art and science of healing, the fluid body and energetics as well as creating intelligent sequencing.

The goal after completing all of these modules is to have the skills to teach a yoga class that is therapeutic, artfully sequenced, full of joy and heart and that moves people to find their highest vibrational self. Of course, you can always take just one or two modules that interest you without needing to complete the entire Blissology 500-hour trainings. We also accept students from other yoga schools at our modules

As well, we are offering a Return on Investment for our certified teachers. Teachers who have become certified at the 300 and 500 level can apply to teach Blissology Signature Courses.

300-hour certified teachers who have completed the Advanced Alignment module will be able to apply to run a Blissology Yoga Foundations course and the Align Your Yoga, Align Your Life Signature Courses.

The Blissology Certification Path 300/500 hr

Choose from these advanced modules. Take them as + when you can.