Meditation for Cancer

When we visited our medical oncologist last week, I was floored when he told us that upwards of 40 percent of the population will experience cancer in their lifetime. 

As you know, we have entered this world now and Insiya will starts her chemotherapy tomorrow. We’ve been speechless by the love and support from our community. One thing I feel strongly about is that no matter whether your suffering is mental or physical, do not feel ashamed to share your experience with others. I am certain that way more people want to lift you up than knock you down. On that note: thank you for your unfathomable love and support we have received.

I felt compelled to give back so here is a little ten minute meditation for cancer on our YouTube channel. Please share with anyone in your life who is experiencing cancer. Send them our prayers, as well.

My hope is that you feel that like there is in an intelligence of the universe that fills us with light and helps us all heal.

Good luck on this journey.

Love More Now,

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