Becky Kastner

  1. Becky Kastner
Contact Information
Montreal, Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Who are you?
I am a 500 hour certified Blissology Yoga Instructor, based in Montreal, Canada. I first stepped on the mat 35 years ago and instantly recognized the numerous healing benefits of Yoga. I have been following my passion for Yoga ever since that very first breath. Off the mat, I am a retired Business Woman, a Mother of 2 and a fun-loving Nana to 3 grand-kids who keep me smiling & laughing all the time especially when they teach me new variations of downward facing dog and crazy toppling tree poses.
Where are you from?
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Where do you live / teach yoga? 
Montreal, Canada
What is the feeling that you want people to leave your class with?
A sense of connection, a deep feeling of calm & tranquility from head to toe, energized, a smile, and tools to live more joyfully off the mat
What is one quote that you live by?
When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. (author unknown)
What is one book that you like to re-read over and over again?
A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle….. I love to laugh and I love Provence
What is your favorite Blissology memory?
Connections, Hugs, Laughter, Beautiful Yoga settings from Tofino-Bali-Vacouver-Santa Cruz-Ucluelet & I enjoyed assisting YTT and sharing the Bliss vibe.

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